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Shapes they have...
...o, shapes like this.
...o, eyes like this.
Are you taking care of them?
How could I not?
From morning 'till evening.
I'd like to be on their place.
And what are you doing?
I'm a singer.
A singer!
Sing something, lady.
Well... yes.
In costume it's not quite a thing.
But if you'd agree...
...to come to us.
I? To you?
And where do you live?
In "Black Swan".
Oh, you made a life.
I'll get you to know with my mother.
Please come.
And she won't be angry?
What you..?
My mum will die from joy!.
If she dies, I'll come.
So, everything is established,
I'll be waiting for you.
Ay, what a woman?
You could die for her!
In this frock-coat I played
in 1893 in Stuttgart.
Oh God, I was the same
about 40 years ago.
Today you're playing in front of the audience.
Bring dignity out of you.
Guest house for
disorganized patients,
earlier "Black Swan"
He's not here yet?
He's not!
Someone should go for him.
And whou would do it?
And only for you, madam.
We'll start when he arrives.
He'll arrive for me,
I'll wait for him.
no one's better than him
I'll approach and start.
I'm all burning and I don't know why
Dear heart! How should I live now?
Ah, why from all the men, the only one
Can we love in our life!
Heart in chest!
Is falpping like a bird
And you want to know,
what's waiting for you
And you want to gain happiness.
Joy is singing like
spring skylark
Life if warm and bright
If I had ten hearts
I'd give every single one to him
Heart in chest
Is flipping like a bird
And you want to know,
what's waiting for you
And you want to gain happiness.
no one's better than him
I'll approach and get to know!
How many times have I told you,
not to make draughts!
Don't forget that I have a voice!
I also have a voice!
Yes. voice...
..which should be silent...
...when I talk to you!
Why aren't you
dressed up yet?
I didn't made it.
Why I made it?
Immediately go and dress up.
Why aren't you coming up?
I'm not alone...
It's about they're waiting for me.
That's silly,
come together.
No.. maybe next time.
But absolutely, you have to come.
You promised.
One minute.
I'll talk it with
my band.
Then maybe I'll come.
Good morning.
Ach, master came.
Please meet my mother.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
What's with you?
What could it be?
Nice to meet you.
What's happeinng?
What's up with you?
I'm just thinking...
What will woman like this one do on 8th march?
Simply slaughter.
And what?
She has no hands,
she has no vote.
We invite to dance
Well, let's dance.
Maestro, so far
you ran from me?
Why are you so
devoted to this place?
- You can see it?
- What?
That I'm devoted.
Of course, on this place
you're visible for everyone.
About what place are you talking?
- About a window.
- Oh, a window.
I thought that about a place
I'm deovted to.
I mean you
haven't noticed nothing?
And that I'm devoted,
haven't you noticed?
It seemed to me...
Oh, it seemed to me.
Please don't scare me.
You're joking and I,
thought you noticed.
How strange you are.
Well. let's dance.
All right, go without me
I'll come later.
We'll drink a cup of kruszon (vodka)
And where are you going?
Och, strong!
It can sweep a bull off his feet.
When I'll see you again?
Tomorrow I can't, I have a hairdresser.
Maybe... tomorrow evening?
You'll come to the oak.
Will you?
Will you?
I feel...
...that my heart is goning to rip apart!
Maestro, maybe play something for us?
I don't have my violin...
... I'll play on this.
Out of here!
Without glasses I can't see a thing.
Time to eat something!
Maestro, to the table.
Aniuta, Aniuta!
Where's Aniuta?
In a minute, a minute.
In a minute, a minute.
Please fetch spirit of camphor.
Where it is?
In bedroom.
My God, who's this?
First time in my

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