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Весна на Заречной улице

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neighbors Marusia.
- With house-warming.
- Thank you.
- And we are near here.
- So small.
- The kitchen is public.
- Look Tania.
Ivan, what are you talking?
We need crockery.
Quiet. What are you doing?
- Because it's house-warming.
- With house-warming.
We can't do this in empty room.
Great room.
Gawk, carefully.
- Ishenko.
- Tatyana Sergeyevna.
- How are you here?
- How can I get to the furnace shop?
It's very far, but I can get
you there.
Get up here.
- Let's go.
- Be careful. Don't soil yourself.
- Want to visit your friends
- no, not friends.
Here is it. Furnace.
Attention stove steel makers,
in the 10th stove carbon
number 25...
Do you know the voice?
It's your pupil.
- Aleshina Alya?
- Yes.
- It's you?
- What?
- Control all this?
- Yes we.
And what about Krushenkov?
She came to you.
- What?
- Didn't you understand?
Fedya, please don't interfere
in the other's business.
- Ha, we are all wicked.
- Let's finish our talk.
Alya, why do you avoid me?
- What has happened?
- I must ask you.
- Everything is clear.
- I don't understand. What is clear?
- Don't go after me.
- Hello.
Does he follow you?
What does he need Alex, my
My name is Alya. I'm
not your sweety.
Why? An engineer has
other pleasures.
All right. You'll come.
Everything's alright in my life.
I never had troubles.
I now every store,
Where I can get a glass of beer.
I now every store,
Where I can get a glass of beer.
I don't believe in promises.
A promise are a hollow sound.
Girls make an appointments.
All remain single anyway.
- What did she do on the factory?
- Who she?
A teacher. I wrote out an
admission for her.
- Did she come here?
- I didn't see.
Stop this Zina. Enough.
I'm tired. I'm so tired.
- Maybe the spring will be better
- Sasha. Hi Zina.
We prepare for the exams
in the school.
- He isn't interested in it.
- Wait, I'm talking to him
- Do you leave school entirely?
- Entirely.
What do want from him? Leave him
- You can't answer?
- What?
- Nothing.
- Then go away.
- I don't need teachers.
- And schoolmistresses.
- You're a fool.
- Look at him.
- What did you study at school?
- Move aside
- Play the guitar.
- Stupid pigheads.
Let's go.
Let's go Fedya.
- Look Fedya...
- What Fedya?
Go away.
I'll go,
With whom will you stay?
What can we do so that
everyday could be a weekend?
Jump here.
Sasha, why are you standing?
Queer, let's go.
You'll get wet to the skin.
Sasha, faster. Your you'll
have to swim.
He can get here.
Girls let's kiss just in case.
Here comes spring.
You're so funny. All wet.
- I won't give you anyone
- Please. People watch.
I don't care. Even if there
was a crowd
Who is coming. A teacher.
What a meeting.
How do you do girls? Got wet?
You are late for your lessons?.
the pupils are waiting and the
teacher sot stuck here?
What can we do?
Maybe we'll start our
lesson here?
We miss our lessons so much,
really Sasha?
Let's talk about:
«What it is nothing? And how
can we do something from nothing?»
Why do you keep silent?
Maybe you need summaries?
One moment.
Recently I saw a man,
who knows how to work so that
others could enjoy his work.
I feel shame for him.
Because he is standing and
listening to all that vulgarity
that you say.
Don't loose your suitcase,
And note-books too.
- Sasha where are you going?
- For what? You'll catch a cold.
Go. Go.
Please Zina. Don't do that.
Everything's because of her.
We had to drive her out earlier.
Where could you get 250 rubles?
- 250 rubles.
- Damn them.
I didn't like him.
Look at Pasha Chobotov.
He hangs round you.
Earns good money.
And Tarasuk also.
Zina, daughter, don't cry.
You so beautiful. You
won't be without a husband.
And love. There's no love
for you.
You need only money.
250 rubles, 350 rubles.
The host... the trunk for you.
Nothing exists
Весна на Заречной улице Весна на Заречной улице

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