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Весна на Заречной улице

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Yes.. Where are you my
Did you see? And turned
off the lights.
Sweetheart, smile
Sasha, it's great that I met you.
Met... We'll meet you now.
Wait a minute.
- Can I spend the night at you?
- What?
You see that the hosts refused
to let out the room.
I brought her to mine, and
now I have..
- Why did they refuse?
- She doesn't say. Refused and that's
I don't know why
- Hold it.
- What?
- Hold it.
- What's with you?
- What?
- Go away.
- Where?
- Go home.
- Why did you argue?
- Doesn't matter. Come on.
- Where are you going?
- Aunt Tania. Quiet. Emergency.
- A telegram.
- Here is it.
- Hi.
- Night-bird.
- May I?
- You may not
- Why?
- Alex, I have news.
- Zina drove the teacher out.
- How is that?
- Yes, that's truth.
- And where is she now?
Don't worry. One specialist
sheltered her.
- Maybe I'll sleep on the floor?
- That's not guest's place.
Give me matches.
Thank you.
- Isn't it too hard?
- No. Good night.
Good night.
The dream was broken.
Maybe I'll read something?
Yes, here is biquadratic.
Once I got the worst
mark for them.
Yes, the worst mark.
I didn't learn anything.
And I didn't have time.
I studied in the evening school
I worked and studied
Then I wanted to stroll.
It wasn't easier for me
than for you now
I missed, was late and I even
wanted to desert it.
And i would have deserted if
there wasn't a girl.
My neighbor. Little and funny.
She made me study.
She was bringing books, and
was sitting with me and watched me
My neighbors got used to be
quiet when I was studying.
She even locked me up.
She had to.
I gathered myself and finished
school and entered a university.
And a girl soon decided to
become a teacher.
And She did that.
Her name was Tania
Are you sleeping?
Then sleep.
A blizzard broke out just
before spring
A teacher, are you leaving us?
On foot? Without saying
good bye?.
- As you can see.
- Why didn't you warn me?
I promised you to deliver you.
And you're in debt.
Give me your library. Jump.
Give me.
- Sit down Kolya.
- Hi, three not allowed?
- When it was so?
- Forgot how I brought you here.
Back we'll fly like the wind
The course is over. Will
wander to far lands.
- Wait.
- What? The station is on the left.
- Who is here to the station?
- And you?
- We are here.
- How?
Well right here.
2 runs. Thank you.
Hold your library.
With new home Tania.
Now you have your own room.
You have a place where you can
put your letters and receive guests.
Tania, and a sight...
Tatyana Sergeyevna.
- A teacher.
- A teacher. What kind of teacher is
- I'm a girl for them.
- For whom?
I don't think that my
pupils will boil steel,
drink Vodka and grow
their moustache?
The matter isn't in this,
what has happened?
For what do I need this room
and house-warming?
when I'm a stranger here and
all are strangers for me.
All? Maybe not all?
- What has happened with him?
- with whom?
- With your pupil Savchenko.
- I don't have such pupil.
- How?
- He left school.
- Totally?
- I don't know. Probably.
- Doesn't visit lessons for 2 weeks.
- Why didn't you tell me?
Because I don't care.
Don't care? You said that he
left school and you...
You see that one?
«A proposition of reconciliation".
You know I studied it
and I understood.
Sasha is a gifted guy.
You don't care and he
remains half-educated?
Described everything
so slovenly,
that I couldn't understand
in the beginning.
I don't understand, is this a
claim for the leaders of the class?
What a woman. Claims, class...
They are a working class.
It's the basis of their life.
They are studying for this.
And you don't know this. Maybe
that's why they're strangers for you?
Come here boys.
Come in.
Hello Tatyana Sergeyevna.
With new house-warming
- Where can I put this?
- Hello.
- Hello.
- You got too high.
- Jenia, so what?
- Half-dry.
Meet our
Весна на Заречной улице Весна на Заречной улице

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