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Весна на Заречной улице

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What are you doing here?
- Hello
Decided to visit the
apartments for 250 rubles.
Well it's good here. But you'd
better ask how do I live with her?
Cluttered up all the room.
So you've forgot how to
get here?
We were waiting for you
all Sunday...
Wonderful music...
I played "the bottle". I've
kissed Pasha 5 times.
And who is that?
Ladies' man. Do you see
how he is clipped.
She got used to deal with such.
Ladies' man.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
How dare you?
If there are no host so you can
turn the room over?
The room is like a thrash can.
- You told that you're well-bred.
- Stop this Zina.
Nothing happened to the room.
Maybe a little lighter.
Tatyana Serjeyevna, excuse me.
- I need your help.
- Help?
you see, Tatyana Sergeyevna it's
difficult for me to study your subject.
And I don't understand many
thing... can you..
With great pleasure I'll help you,
That's my duty.
- Sit down.
- So, I warn you,
or you put all this away or..
you go away.
- Take off your clothes.
- I... okay.
- What are your questions?
- You see Tatyana Sergeyevna, I...
- Excuse me, do you hurry up?
- No.
You know, this will take 20
minutes, sit down.
Not too long.
Sit down
Attention, we begin the
concert on listeners request.
On request of factory workers
Naumenko and Riabov,
teacher Levchenko and
other listeners
we broadcast the concert of
Rahmaninov for the piano and the orchestra.
Performs Lev Oborin.
We met with you during the sunset.
You were cutting the gulf with oar.
I like your white dress. And
disliked your refinement of dream.
Refinement of dream...
- Sasha.
- Sleep.
why don't you sleep?
You have to get up early.
- And?
- Right here.
«Refinement of dream «,
what is it?
Refinement of dream?
How can I explain? This...
- Well... where did you get this?
- In the library.
- And who is that?
- Poet. Alexander Block.
- Poet? Laureate?
- I don't know.
- Do you have a biography?
- Probably.
Born in 1880. Too old.
- Yes.
- Namesake. Alexander.
- What did he write about?
- About love.
About love?
I can give you love.
What is it? One breaks the
windows in the class.
- The other reads about love.
- Not in the class, but in the
You aren't asleep?
Now I'll take off my belt.
- You won't.
- Why?
- You'll lose your trousers.
- I'll give you a thrashing.
- Sleep.
- Okay.
All come unstuck. If mother is on
the duty then they are happy.
- Why are you going barefoot?
- There.
You'll catch a cold.
Sasha, when did you begin
to do lessons?
- It's not lessons.
- What is it?
- Tell what are you breathing with?
- With air.
- No. With oxygen.
- A-a.
And the stove, it also
breathes with oxygen.
And I want to make so that it
could breathe easier, understand?
- No, I don't understand.
- Do you like our surname?
- Savchenko. Sounds?
- Yes.
It sounds for you but not
for everyone.
- For whom for example?
- That doesn't matter.
Rahmaninov. Sounds.
Or also... Block.
I was walking in the raining night,
And in the old house near the window
I saw thoughtful eyes.
So I want your surname to sound.
For everyone could recognize it.
- Who is she?
- Petia, go to bed.
Look what they wrote.
Whose work is this?
Who scribbled that?
- Look closely at it.
- Your, poet?
- No, really can he?
- No.
Could Petya write that?
It's classic, no doubts.
Signature... Alexander
Sergeyevich Pushkin.
Hello friends. Be seated.
- Savchenko. Why don't you sit down?
- I...
The last work revealed that
with direct speech there are
That's why we'll repeat today
the main rules
of the direct speech.
Who is on duty? Why the
blackboard is dirty?
- I am.
- Where the rag?
- Disappeared. I'll get.
- Please.
You had to take care of this
before the lesson.
I'm please that you repeat the
material even
in such manner.
Nevertheless, but Pushkin was
muddled, please wipe this.
No I won't wipe this.
The one
Весна на Заречной улице Весна на Заречной улице

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