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Весна на Заречной улице

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the house
from the street,
And forget that it's cold outside.
Cold outside.
Migulko. Migulko.
What's with you?
Go and sleep at home.
Shame on you
What? I brought my wife to the
maternity hospital last night,
and I worked all day long...
Go home. Go.
And even slanting rays of the
winter sun will seem caressing.
Will seem caressing.
Short winter days.
Long winter nights...
...will light up the frozen
ground with cold rays.
rays... comma.
Stroll on the edge of the sky,
and there's no sight of it
Tatyana Sergeyevna...
What injustice.
The report is by volume, and
the dances are so short.
Why isn't that inside out? Zina,
here what you are today.
- You here to meet steel founder?
- Why don't you undress?
- You don't have a ticket?
- the steel founder isn't here.
They look for him.
He went away from the
house and didn't come here.
- And where is he?
- I thought you know.
So worked out that you can't
keep yourself in hand? Scared?
- No, thank you. I didn't expect.
- I expected from you.
Tatyana Sergeyevna, today
in the Culture Palace
is an evening of dances.
- And what?
- I have two tickets, and no pair.
- Do you understand me?
- No.
I invite you. Don't reuse. All
evening I was waiting for this.
In vain.
Tatyana Sergeyevna, why
do you treat so?
- With whom?
- With you.
You don't go anywhere. Sit
in your room like an old woman.
No one asks you to take
care of me.
Who knows, maybe she asked.
- Isn't it disgusting for you?
- What?
- To say this bull shit.
- Tajana Sergeyevna...
I'm talking seriously with
you and you resent.
- Tajana Sergeyevna, I ask...
- Let me go.
- There's a beginning. Accept.
- Is it your method to receive
- Get off the way.
- Tatyana Sergeyevna.
The first kiss.
How hot.
Tell me Migulko, a boy, a girl?
- A girl.
- You're obliged to pay.
Excuse me, Tania.
I'll be back. One moment, okay?
One moment.
These engineers, they are there
standing with the teacher.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Good health.
- May I invite you?
Maybe you'll ask those who
had invited you earlier?
- Why so?
- Let's go, Nikolay Nikolaevich.
Tatyana Sergeyevna, may I?
«School waltz»,
special for you.
- We grew up long ago.
- I don't dance.
Leave her.
- Tatyana Sergeyevna.
- I don't dance.
Me too. I wanted to ask
your advice.
- To read.
- What sort of reading?
- Verses.
- What verses?
It just for me, it's not good
here with rhyme.
And I want to hear criticism.
- How? Right here?
- Why here? We have other places.
Tatyana Sergeyevna.
- I have a daughter.
- Congratulate a man.
Drink with us. 11 pounds.
I'll read you the last.
It is called «For my friend».
For my friend.
My friend is a common guy. He's
not famous because of his guitar.
He boils steel in a open-hearth
And sits in the evening
near the desk.
He's full of energy and wisdom.
He got used to leave behind. He
got to the factory when he was
And became the master of fire.
And became the master of fire.
At home he has mother and
sister and a father's photo,
That died in the war from
the gun shot.
Yes, it's not easy for you
sometimes, but wait to see.
There are other easier fates
but your is better.
- Will you bother people?
- Why are you breaking the rules?
- Drive him out.
- Get out.
We must drive him out.
You know, the verses are
not quite good.
But very beautiful.
About whom are you
writing? Does he exist?
Yes. I wrote about Sasha.
About Savchenko.
About Savchenko?
That's not about him.
You don't know him at all. Don't
think that he's always such.
Something has happened to
him in this period.
A company established here...
But don't think so...
I don't think about him at all.
Sasha, here is a dear guest.
- May I?
- Come in.
- Hello.
- I'm messing around.
I'm ironing Zina's dress,
everything for her and son-in-law.
He'll get everything prepared,
won't resent.
Zina, Sasha is here.
Весна на Заречной улице Весна на Заречной улице

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