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Весна на Заречной улице

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your Lubochka
- Well, I've danced with her once
- And with Tosechka once more?
Zina, stop this.
I don't need them.
- Go away to your love.
- I already have my love, it's you
Dear Sasha, I don't belong to you.
- Go away, I don't want to see you.
- We can't get along well.
- Yes.
- And the dress is in the soot.
- Where?
- Here... Got you
- Here what they are doing.
- Why didn't you knock at the door?
Now you can.
Sasha, why din't we begin?
I'm thirsty.
- For whom are we waiting?
- For Krushenkov.
Who is he? Engineer?
Heh, one can think that this
festival is in his honor.
Well if we had no engineer then
this festival would never take place
- Welcome!
- Bless you.
Well enough, who is it?
So we got to know with whom
did Krushenkov fall in love.
- Tania.
- I'm Tolya.
- Hi Tania.
- You'll stifle
- Tania, how did you get here?
- On the dump-truck.
So you didn't forget the
address? Decided to visit?
- How, do you know each other?
- Sure, very good.
- Where were you?
- Yes, Tania, please meet.
- Sasha Savchenko. Hero of the occasion.
- We know each other
Yes, we really know each other.
- How is that?
- Please take care
Young teacher. She'll teach
in the evening school
Russian literature, prepare
note-books for your marks.
- And you know this also?
- We know everything.
Except one thing that she
is your relative.
Tell us, who is she,
you wife or bride?
- It's not important.
- The wine turn sour.
- Let's sit down to table.
- Right. With cases.
Look, the matter is that,
Tania... Tania Sergeyevna...
isn't provided with housing,
so we... excuse us...
Zina, I've heard one
mother leases a room.
Maybe you..
Yes, let's go.
- Do you like here?
- Observe the apartments.
Why are you making arrangements
with rooms of others?
This is in the order of consolidation.
Anyway your mother leases
this room, so I help.
- Will do this without you.
- Don't worry.
- If no, will find another place.
- Don't bother Zina.
How can this be? A girl has no
place to spend the night in.
We must put ourselves in her
position. We are all humane
Should an intelligent man
wait? Come in, my dear.
- Right, come in.
- Make yourself comfortable.
Fell at home. 250 rubles.
How much? It's ridiculous
Maria Gavrilovna. Too expensive.
Too good room. Separate.
With furniture.
And light and cleaning?
No you won't find cheaper.
- Expensive Maria Gavrilovna.
- I take it.
Okay. And you guys, why are
you standing still?
Why are you staring?
She wants to change clothes.
Go go, get lost.
We don't sit down, we are waiting.
Alex, this is pink port, woman's.
And I want liqueur.
Thank you.
Here, take a snack of a pear.
I like apples.
- Okay, whom are we waiting for?
- One moment.
Tania Sergeyevna, are you ready?
Tania Sergeyevna?
I an tired of the road. Fedya
propose a toast in verses.
We boiled steel on our
open-hearth furnace.
we left the time behind and moved
an amendment in calendar.
- About the main...
- Stop it.
Let it rain today.
During November's bad weather
Just like in the middle of the
severe cold we'll celebrate New Year.
For our health.
- And Tania?
- I don't know. Wait
Tania Sergeyevna, drink for
Then for your health
- Well.
- Why are you breaking glasses?
It's by pure accident.
And now you won't break away.
- Did you catch?
- Yes.
I caught you and won't
let you out.
- Hello people
- Hello.
Sit down.
People let me introduce you
a new teacher of Russian literature,
Natjana Sergeyevna Levchenko.
Tatyana Sergeyevna also will
be your form-master.
Please take care.
- Please.
- Thank you.
I won't bother you.
Well, you already know me.
And I have to get aquatinted
with you.
- Can I ask you?
- Yes?
For how long are you here?
- For long?
- For long and for about a week?
It depend on many things.
Mostly on how many
questions you will ask.
- Strict
- And we like to ask questions.
I see.
- Aleshina.
- Here.
Весна на Заречной улице Весна на Заречной улице

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