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Весна на Заречной улице

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take around.
- Look, took 2 at once.
- And you?
Please meet, my brides,
Lidochka and Raya.
- Taya.
- I said so. I recommend.
Maybe next time.
Dear, girls, excuse us.
So Sasha, gets away from us?
You loose many things.
But now a great company
has been established.
I, Jenia, Nikolo , girls ...
Look, get off me with
your girls.
I see that you're now
interested in only one.
Tatyana, let's remember
golden days.
- Shut up.
- What, you don't like?
Did you hear Chaikovskiy symphony
- What?
- Do you know Vasnetsov?
- From the motor depot?
- Shame on you.
- Go home now.
- So strong.
- What?
- She strongly made your brains dull.
Present symphonies for her.
And if you'll look soberly,
she's is usual.
Look Ura, I ask. Please don't
bother her.
I won't but engineers...
- What engineers?
- Nothing, just said.
Why are you lying here ?
Go home
- Why don't you sleep?
- Study, study.
You'll remain a fool.
Citizen, your adnission.
Sasha I only see you,
to work from work.
We are gathering today,
will you come?
- I'm busy.
- Today is Saturday, no lessons.
- I'm busy.
- I don't believe in this.
I don't make you.
What can I say, Sasha?
- I didn't understand your though.
- Didn't understand?
Now exactly, understand?
Sasha, how is it going at school
with chemistry and physics?
Why do you ask?
That doesn't concern the matter.
Concerns. You see, you
scared us ...
- And?
- Look yourself.
It's for me.
- Tania hello.
- Hello.
- Don't open without me.
- Okay.
- Good day Savchenko.
- Hello.
- Wait.
- It's filled with smoke here .
- From home?
- Yes. And cigar-butt on the table?
- And the slab is burning on the table?
- From home Sasha.
Young specialist. And bachelor.
Don't worry Tania, everything
will be alright. My dear.
Why do you regale yourself?
Treat yourself.
- Yes Sasha, treat yourself.
- Thank you.
Do you like?
Mother did her utmost.
- Really good mother-in-law?
- Stop this Kolya.
- Where are you going Sasha?
- I'm in a hurry.
- Wait.
- We'll arrange a tea-party.
- No.
- We'll talk about this later.
What we should talk about?
Glad that you understand . I'm
not talking about technical faults.
Here it is in your line Tania
How will you write "application"
in prepositional case?
We repeated that
We'll have to repeat once more.
what's with you Sasha?
- Zabolotniy.
- Here.
- Ishenko.
- I am.
- Revenko.
- It's me.
- Savchenko.
- He won't come today.
- What's with him?
- He was taken ill.
I see.
And here on this crossroad
I met your love.
Stop feeling keenly Sasha.
Here, drink this. It helps.
You don't want? As you like.
I met your love.
You're not happy that
you've met her.
My heart is full of you.
For what, for what on earth
exists that unrequited love?
For what...
So you though, did your
best, invented,
And he...
- Why?
- What?
He doesn't like that you chase
about Tatyana Sergeyevna.
So does his best to trip you up,
every time, everywhere.
- For he could feel himself better.
- Freely ?
It's not enough for him that
he muddles Alka, and he...
Fights on two fronts.
You think that they are
all friends there.
Maybe but only in the afternoon.
- Look Ura, dodn't...
- Okay, I shut up.
You can continue on
the same lines.
Run to school and sigh,
and they will laugh at you.
- What?
- Exactly.
The whole class laughs at you.
You're chasing after
her like a chicken .
And she treats with you so...
Lets you chasing after her.
It's even favorably: progress,
raises the attendance.
And you make
compliments for this?
And if she wanted something
more serious she would find.
Someone better. She doesn't
need a factory worker.
- Okay, enough.
- Why are beating about the bush?
Can you ask straight Where's
your working pride?
- If I'll want , I'll ask.
- It will be too late.
That's not your business.
Prepare for the next lesson:
the meaning of lyric poetry
Весна на Заречной улице Весна на Заречной улице

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