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May I invite you?
Maybe you'll ask those who
had invited you earlier?
- Why so?
- Let's go, Nikolay Nikolaevich.
Tatyana Sergeyevna, may I?
School waltz,
special for you.
- We grew up long ago.
- I don't dance.
Leave her.
- Tatyana Sergeyevna.
- I don't dance.
Me too. I wanted to ask
your advice.
- To read.
- What sort of reading?
- Verses.
- What verses?
It just for me, it's not good
here with rhyme.
And I want to hear criticism.
- How? Right here?
- Why here? We have other places.
Tatyana Sergeyevna.
- I have a daughter.
- Congratulate a man.
Drink with us. 11 pounds.
I'll read you the last.
It is called For my friend .
For my friend .
My friend is a common guy. He's
not famous because of his guitar.
He boils steel in a open-hearth
And sits in the evening
near the desk.
He's full of energy and wisdom.
He got used to leave behind. He
got to the factory when he was
And became the master of fire.
And became the master of fire.
At home he has mother and
sister and a father's photo,
That died in the war from
the gun shot .
Yes, it's not easy for you
sometimes, but wait to see.
There are other easier fates
but your is better.
- Will you bother people?
- Why are you breaking the rules?
- Drive him out.
- Get out.
We must drive him out.
You know, the verses are
not quite good.
But very beautiful.
About whom are you
writing? Does he exist?
Yes. I wrote about Sasha.
About Savchenko.
About Savchenko?
That's not about him.
You don't know him at all. Don't
think that he's always such.
Something has happened to
him in this period.
A company established here...
But don't think so...
I don't think about him at all.
Sasha, here is a dear guest.
- May I?
- Come in.
- Hello.
- I'm messing around.
I'm ironing Zina's dress,
everything for her and son-in-law.
He'll get everything prepared,
won't resent.
Zina, Sasha is here.
- What are you doing here?
- Hello
Decided to visit the
apartments for 250 rubles.
Well it's good here. But you'd
better ask how do I live with her?
Cluttered up all the room.
So you've forgot how to
get here?
We were waiting for you
all Sunday...
Wonderful music...
I played "the bottle". I've
kissed Pasha 5 times.
And who is that?
Ladies' man. Do you see
how he is clipped.
She got used to deal with such.
Ladies' man.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
How dare you?
If there are no host so you can
turn the room over?
The room is like a thrash can .
- You told that you're well-bred.
- Stop this Zina.
Nothing happened to the room.
Maybe a little lighter.
Tatyana Serjeyevna , excuse me.
- I need your help.
- Help?
you see, Tatyana Sergeyevna it's
difficult for me to study your subject.
And I don't understand many
thing ... can you ..
With great pleasure I'll help you,
That's my duty.
- Sit down.
- So, I warn you,
or you put all this away or..
you go away.
- Take off your clothes.
- I ... okay.
- What are your questions?
- You see Tatyana Sergeyevna, I...
- Excuse me, do you hurry up?
- No.
You know, this will take 20
minutes, sit down.
Not too long.
Sit down
Attention, we begin the
concert on listeners request.
On request of factory workers
Naumenko and Riabov ,
teacher Levchenko and
other listeners
we broadcast the concert of
Rahmaninov for the piano and the orchestra.
Performs Lev Oborin.
We met with you during the sunset.
You were cutting the gulf with oar.
I like your white dress. And
disliked your refinement of dream.
Refinement of dream...
- Sasha.
- Sleep.
why don't you sleep?
You have to get up early.
- And?
- Right here.
Refinement of dream ,
what is it?
Refinement of dream?
How can I explain? This ...
- Well... where did you get this?
- In the library .
- And who is that?
- Poet. Alexander Block.
- Poet? Laureate?
- I don't know.
- Do you have a biography?
- Probably.
Born in 1880. Too old.
- Yes.

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