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Весна на Заречной улице

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ourselves in her
position. We are all humane
Should an intelligent man
wait? Come in, my dear.
- Right, come in.
- Make yourself comfortable.
Fell at home. 250 rubles .
How much? It's ridiculous
Maria Gavrilovna. Too expensive.
Too good room. Separate.
With furniture.
And light and cleaning?
No you won't find cheaper.
- Expensive Maria Gavrilovna.
- I take it.
Okay. And you guys, why are
you standing still?
Why are you staring ?
She wants to change clothes.
Go go, get lost.
We don't sit down, we are waiting.
Alex, this is pink port, woman's.
And I want liqueur.
Thank you.
Here, take a snack of a pear.
I like apples .
- Okay, whom are we waiting for?
- One moment.
Tania Sergeyevna, are you ready?
Tania Sergeyevna?
I an tired of the road. Fedya
propose a toast in verses.
We boiled steel on our
open-hearth furnace.
we left the time behind and moved
an amendment in calendar.
- About the main ...
- Stop it.
Let it rain today .
During November's bad weather
Just like in the middle of the
severe cold we'll celebrate New Year.
For our health .
- And Tania?
- I don't know. Wait
Tania Sergeyevna, drink for
Then for your health
- Well.
- Why are you breaking glasses?
It's by pure accident.
And now you won't break away.
- Did you catch?
- Yes.
I caught you and won't
let you out.
- Hello people
- Hello.
Sit down.
People let me introduce you
a new teacher of Russian literature,
Natjana Sergeyevna Levchenko.
Tatyana Sergeyevna also will
be your form-master.
Please take care.
- Please.
- Thank you.
I won't bother you.
Well, you already know me.
And I have to get aquatinted
with you.
- Can I ask you ?
- Yes?
For how long are you here?
- For long?
- For long and for about a week?
It depend on many things.
Mostly on how many
questions you will ask.
- Strict
- And we like to ask questions.
I see.
- Aleshina.
- Here.
- Bondar.
- Here.
It's me.
- Vovk.
- Here.
- Valovoy.
- I am.
- Grohovskaya.
- It's me.
- Donchenko.
- Here.
- Digay.
- I am.
- Eremina.
- It's me.
- Zabolotniy.
- Is present.
- Ish...Ishachenko?
- Ichenko.
My surname. Please don't mix up.
Migulko, I. Migulko M.
- We are.
- Who we?
I and Marusia.
Why don't you stand up when
you're called out?
- She can't.
- I ask you to stand up.
Sit Marousia.
Sit down.
- Mironov.
- Here.
- Nazarenko.
- It's me.
- Osadchev
- Here.
- You're late
- Accidentally .
- Rogovoy.
- It's me.
- Revenko.
- Here.
- Savchenko.
- Is absent.
He has New Year holidays.
He cancelled.
Good evening Tatyana Sergeyevna
good evening friends.
- Hi.
- Did you take up the duties?
- Why are you so late?
- I? Well it happens sometimes.
Yesterday my
watches let me down.
Today - here. Can I congratulate
you with your beginning.
I hardly procured them.
We don't have a lesson of biology
You don't have to congratulate me
Also from the whole class.
I ask you not to be late
the next time.
Okay. Honestly.
Pupils, on the last lesson you've
finished studying
the unfading comedy "Sorrow from
the wisdom" written my Griboedov.
Exactly. Clarence , Clarence ,
And she got into the train and left.
I see that you know the
comedy very good.
Then we'll ask you to tell us
about it by the blackboard.
I didn't offer to answer be
the blackboard.
I call you out.
Go to the blackboard.
Tell us about the main
characters in the comedy
- He'll tell now.
- About the main characters?
- Yes
- The main characters in the
unfading comedy,
written by Griboedov "Sorrow
from the wisdom" are:
girl, called Sophia , a man
called Molchatskiy ...
- How?
- Molchatskiy .
- Did you read the comedy?
- Yes. In the childhood.
I see. I wish you glanced
over the book.
I didn't have time. I had a lot of
work. Yesterday was a festival.
You know. My head is
still spinning.
- I can see that. Get some fresh air.
- How?
In the corridor.
For what?What did
I do? I won'
Весна на Заречной улице Весна на Заречной улице

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