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Весна на Заречной улице

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little farther. It's
forbidden to stop here
Again permissions.
- Are you for long?
- Depends on different circumstances.
Can I ask why?
Fiancйs here are of handsome
presence And brides are like hot cakes .
- Stop the car.
- Take it easy.
Be careful, one can kill a man
And who will answer?
And without jokes, what are
you going to do today?
- To grieve about past.
- That's not for good
Do you know , we have a
big party today.
Where? Why? And why
I don't know?
- We meet New Year.
- In November?
- What calendar do you use?
- Martenovskiy.
- Sasha, did you finish squeezing ?
- Yes.
- Let me kiss you.
- My neighbor.
- Let's wash off.
- Stop the car immediately.
Come lass.
I don't know name and patronymic.
I invite whole-heartedly.
We'll dance and have fun.
Zarechnaya 2, no evil dogs.
- So it's at Zina's home?
- I'll wait.
We won't be late.
I advise . Very pleasant company.
You won't regret.
We are here.
Please , here is your heavy one.
Dribs and drabs. You'll give
back on your way back.
When you'll run away.
(music plays)
You all saw.
There she is. Please.
- Hello.
- Come in girls.
- Zina.
- Glad to see you. Take off your clothes
We have enough plates and forks.
- I give the best.
- I know mother.
Watch it, now it's progressive then
you'll collect grits from the floor,
- Stop joking mother.
- He's good.
Earns good money, honest,
but his character ...
Look, how much money
did he spend?
- A festival for friends.
- Why are you counting other's money?
- Maybe they are mine too.
- Stop this, have fun.
Don't raise your voice
on your mother.
- May I?
- Keep house daughter.
- Smells very tasty here.
- Treat to guests.
- Zina, what did you do in the kitchen?
- Are you tired of dancing?
- No, I want to dance with you.
- You want?
- Why are you here?
- Go and dance with your Lubochka
- Well, I've danced with her once
- And with Tosechka once more?
Zina, stop this.
I don't need them.
- Go away to your love.
- I already have my love, it's you
Dear Sasha, I don't belong to you.
- Go away, I don't want to see you.
- We can't get along well.
- Yes.
- And the dress is in the soot.
- Where?
- Here.... Got you
- Here what they are doing.
- Why didn't you knock at the door?
Now you can.
Sasha, why din't we begin?
I'm thirsty.
- For whom are we waiting?
- For Krushenkov.
Who is he? Engineer?
Heh, one can think that this
festival is in his honor.
Well if we had no engineer then
this festival would never take place
- Welcome!
- Bless you.
Well enough, who is it?
Alya ?
So we got to know with whom
did Krushenkov fall in love.
- Tania.
- I'm Tolya.
- Hi Tania.
- You'll stifle
- Tania, how did you get here?
- On the dump-truck.
So you didn't forget the
address? Decided to visit?
- How, do you know each other?
- Sure, very good.
- Where were you?
- Yes, Tania, please meet.
- Sasha Savchenko. Hero of the occasion.
- We know each other
Yes, we really know each other.
- How is that?
- Please take care
Young teacher. She'll teach
in the evening school
Russian literature, prepare
note-books for your marks.
- And you know this also?
- We know everything.
Except one thing that she
is your relative .
Tell us, who is she,
you wife or bride ?
- It's not important.
- The wine turn sour.
- Let's sit down to table.
- Right. With cases.
Look, the matter is that,
Tania ... Tania Sergeyevna ...
isn't provided with housing,
so we ... excuse us ...
Zina, I've heard one
mother leases a room.
Maybe you ..
Yes, let's go .
- Do you like here?
- Observe the apartments .
Why are you making arrangements
with rooms of others?
This is in the order of consolidation.
Anyway your mother leases
this room, so I help.
- Will do this without you .
- Don't worry .
- If no, will find another place.
- Don't bother Zina.
How can this be? A girl has no
place to spend the night in.
We must put
Весна на Заречной улице Весна на Заречной улице

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