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Весна на Заречной улице

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except this trunk.
What a mother.
- Sasha how you are.
- What funny?
Sasha wait. Where did you sit?
Soaked all through.
Prepared special from him and he?
- Look.
- What do you need?
- How our surname sounded.
- What are you talking nonsense?
Not nonsense. Everyone
talked like you.
It's written here about the
oxygen, gift,
school and mostly about her.
- About her?
- About stove.
Really out surname
began to sound great.
Well Sasha, if we'll succeed in
today's boiling,
Then we'll celebrate New
Year in August.
Who knows?
You stay at school for the
second year, am I right?
Stop doing this, it's
important to study
for your work, life and love.
Why are you looking at me like
that? People move mountains for
And you're afraid to pass
100 meters.
Alex I turned to you with heart.
you treat with me like with a log
- Leave me alone.
- Hello Alya.
- Hello.
- Can I talk to you?
- No.
- I'm talking no to you
A girl doesn't want to
talk to you.
Don't disturb me
It's easy to write out
traveling allowances.
Can you?
Go back to the teacher,
she didn't lock the door.
- Where?
- Sasha... you see...
- What?
- That you Sasha...
- Where should I go?
- Let me go.
- What are you talking about?
- Nothing.
- Why do you worm yourself into
- I was joking.
- Joking...
- Stop this all.
Okay, remember.
- What's with you Sasha?
- It's good for him.
We'll meet some time.
And I called him my friend.
Swim musician.
It's easy to drown.
It's not deep here.
- Well, I have to go.
- Where?
Not far.
100 steps.
- Don't be late for a shift.
- I won't
Ticket number 17.
First question.
In what cases do we put dots?
In the end of the sentences,
or the whole story if it
isn't finished.
And many things will be
in the future.
I've got to go.We can get you right to the town
Don't be afraid, we won't take
too much. Ten note.
For 200 gram of fuel .
Close the door.
What a mother.
A year is finished. We'll
wander to far lands.
You'll leave for reindeers .
And I'll leave for Kazakhstan .
Excuse me, did I guess right?
So , you've finished?
So you're going to our backwoods.
- Please.
- Thank you.
Can I ask, what is your profession?
- A teacher.
- Ahh. A teacher...
You teach Russian literature,
am I right?
- How do you know?
- I know were they will sent you.
- Where?
- Zarechnaya street, 21.
An evening school for the
working youth .
- The address is right.
- Why do you think so?
- You study there.
- I? You must be joking
I've finished 7 forms,
It's enough for me.
My friends study there.
They don't have literature
there for two weeks.
She ran away.
How is that?
Just ran away and that's all.
I carried her. Just like you.
There and back.
She had also finished.
She was young.
It seem uncivilized for her here.
No TV's, no fashion houses.
Of course we have a fashion
house but ...
there's no cosmopolitan cabinet in it.
Again ,there's a smell of
plant smoke here.
She was complaining about
this all way back.
How they took her around!
Your guys are hot-tempered.
And we have the same work.
Your main avenue .
The shift is going.
And besides, here are
your students.
Hello school boys. Do you
learn your lessons?
- Hello.
- Yes we review them.
Stop the engine Ura.
Join us.
- I can't. They'll pick out my
- Don't be scared.
Aunt Masha, your health!
Thank you nephew
- Happy journey.
- Don't lose your passenger .
- Alex, come on, I'll give a lift.
- Thank you, the rain is almost over.
You're already carrying one,
it's enough.
How do you like the students?
Don't be afraid they are quiet.
Sasha, aren't you afraid
of your life?
I grudge walking on foot.
- Good day .
- Good day.
- Is there room for 3?
- Yes, sure.
- Wait, I'll give you a place.
- On no account. Ura come on.
- Okay.
- Wait.
What are you doing?
Stop, I'll get off.
Wait. A
Весна на Заречной улице Весна на Заречной улице

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