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upstairs to a private room for a while.
Oh, yeah.
But you'd better rest.
Lfyou don't, you're in for a lot oftrouble.
Oh, I will, doctor.
I promise. I will.
Mr Gideon.
Mr Gideon, what are you doing?
Oh, this? I was just getting rid of it.
I caught someone smoking,
and I told him a man in my condition
shouldn't even be around smoke.
I'm telling ya, Gideon,
I got real insight into you.
There's a deep-rooted fear
of being conventional.
Your blood pressure is higher than we hoped.
Your cardiograms haven't improved one bit.
Now, ifyou don't give a damn,
it's hard to expect us to.
Mr Gideon!
I'll leave these menus with you. Please check
offwhat you want for the coming weeks, OK?
Monday, I'll have roast beef,
Tuesday, chicken, Wednesday, steak,
Thursday, I plan to be dead,
so... I'll just have something light.
Mr Gideon!
She wrote a little note on the back.
She said you'd understand.
"Dear loving, giving, generous" -
underlined four times - "Dad,
I hear nurses are nice people, hint, hint.
Your poor, brotherless daughter."
Joe, what does it mean?
It means she's inherited her mother's
determination, that's what it means.
Oh, no... Thankyou, thankyou. No, no...
You're wonderful, wonderful.
The wordsuperstaris greatly
overusedin this business.
Butformynextguest, the word
superstaris totally inadequate.
Wheneverl do a benefit-
andl've done 150, 60, 70, this year,
all for very worthy causes - I can always
count on this dude to be right there with me.
Lfeelhumbledin his presence.
From deep, deep in here, ladies
andgentlemen, letme lay on you...
- A great entertainer.
- A great entertainer,
- A great humanitarian.
- A greathumanitarian,
- And my dear friend for 25 years.
- Andmy dearest, dearestfriendfor20 years.
- You missed by five years.
- Oh, boy, do I hate show business.
- Joey, you love show business.
- That's right, I love show business.
I'll go either way.
I got insight into you, Gideon.
You know what's underneath?
The dreadful fear that you're ordinary,
not special.
Oh, I think...
I think...
- I'm getting an erection.
- Oh, Mr Gideon, don't do that.
That sex thing, Jesus. Listen,
I wouldn't say you were a faggot,
but you do have a lot
offeminine characteristics, right?
You are foolishly and childishly
flirting with disaster.
Joey, you're really crazy!
What do you wanna do, kill yourself?
Dr Ballinger told me to get a little exercise.
Everything he does seems
to be a denial of his condition.
Dr Ballinger, every time I've seen him,
I get the impression that
he doesn't care whether he lives or dies.
Yes, I know. But I think he cares a lot.
OK, we'll limit his visitors
to no more than two.
Joe, I wish you couldhave been there.
9.30 this morning,
before a single review was out,
the line at Cinema One was around the
block. The people know. The people know.
This broke every first-day record.
It's a blockbuster. I mean a blockbuster.
And those guys in California...
You wouldn't believe the telephone calls.
"Congratulations", they say. "We're glad
you took your time. It was worth it."
They said "Every dollar that we put
in that film is up there on the screen."
I'm telling you, they're talking about
a $3.5 million advertising budget.
3.5 million dollars! I'm sorry. Excuse me.
Do you believe that? 3.5 million dollars. This
picture is gonna go right through the roof.
Right through... the roof.
Look at those reviews. See it?
We did it. Joe, we did it.
Where are the bad ones?
There are no bad ones.
Well, there were a couple that
quibbled a little. I left them at the office.
Josh, I want you to do me a favour -
don't show them to me.
Never. How were the television reviews?
I think we got Leslie Perry.
At the screening, she told me she loved it.
Following Gideon's triumphant directorial
achievement with "50 Beautiful Girls, 50",
when he won everypossible award,
it wouldbe nice to report that

- 2

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