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the obstacles
you talking about
are in one flatness.
The new, unknown features of
appear in the mountains.
Features of character, of soul.
He lives in another dimension.
The central radio station
of North Caucasus is speaking.
The central radio station
of North Caucasus is speaking.
Attention to the organizations
working in the mountains,
tourists and climbers
being in the mountains.
-How long do they broadcast?
-Two hours, every 10 minutes.
-What about the broadcast with
-It is not available.
The storm. The strong
thunder hindrances.
We have to warn the group
as soon possible.
It'll be the broadcast now.
I'm going to try once more.
Maybe they'll recieve it.
It's a pity.
They, probably, under the peak.
"Earth", I'm "Avalanche".
Listen to me attentively.
The front of cyclone is coming.
The rescue service
chief's order is
to leave the route.
Got it.
When did you recieve this message?
At 20:00?
"Avalanche", I'm "Earth".
Volodya, something happened?
-Guys are being come off the route.
-Cyclone is coming.
-What will be with us?
Nothing. We are below.
-Did you tell them?
-The broadcast is in the evening.
Poor guys.
They were preparing, waiting.
Can it be done once more?
Next year.
The vacations are coming to the
Perfect area.
A tent can be placed.
Look, a nest.
We can cook fried eggs.
Alpine bird.
A very rare bird.
Only several nests are known.
What is it?
Alpine bird.
A good place for spending the night.
It is early yet. We can go.
Sasha, you're crazy.
The place is good but occupied.
Let's respect
the young naturalists.
-Our Timiryazev.
-Brem, most likely.
Don't drivel.
I'll drop a stone on you
from above.
You felt sorry for a bird
but not for a man.
"Sky", I'm "Earth".
Do you hear?
I can't understand where
they passing the night.
Right above the wall.
Where the snow is.
On that tiny place?
One man can't stay there.
It seems so.
The plateau is 200 meters wide.
The white one.
For what do people take the
portable radio if they don't use it?
They are too lazy to crawl out of
tent and turn the radio on.
What shall we do?
We shall wait the morning
But if it won't be?
They'll start going down in the morning.
Nothing will happen by night.
They have a splendid
passing the night.
"Sky", I'm "Earth".
Do you hear?
"Sky", I'm "Earth".
Do you hear?
Don't they answer?
"Earth", I'm "Sky".
Volodya, I hear you.
Everything is fine.
We have stayed too long at the wall
and missed the broadcast.
We are on the plateau.
Five hours from the peak.
Starting the assault.
Got it?
Got it. We'll do so.
Don't worry,
everything will be fine.
I finish the broadcast.
And what?
They are in a hurry.
They are going down.
They won't go at the peak.
-Everything goes to waste.
They have passed the most difficult
place, the wall.
And what?
They didn't reach the peak.
You are happy about it.
Because I'm envious.
And what?
It's all right, we can go.
Please to take your places
at the table.
Let's do it quickly.
The weather forecast is reliable.
The forecasts can be trusted
on the next day.
-What shall we do with the tent?
-We'll leave it. We'll be back soon.
Fortify it.
-Shall we take the backpacks?
We'll take one in case of
special emergency.
Take the feather-beds.
It won't be hot.
This is not a plain.
There's another climate here.
An avalanches go one after another.
A rockfalls go
one after another here.
We can turn off in order to go
round the precipice.
But we choose the hardest way
which is dangerous like the warpath.
We can turn off in order to go
round the precipice.
But we choose the hardest way
which is dangerous like the warpath.
The one hasn't tested himself if
he hadn't been here
and hadn't risked his life.
Even if he grabed
the stars from the sky.
You won't see below
a tenth part of such
Вертикаль Вертикаль

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