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Ok, guys, let's have a rest.
There is four working-days ahead.
We start early, at three o'clock.
If you want to test
a friend.
If you can't make him out.
Is he good or bad?
Risk taking him in the mountains!
Don't leave him alone.
Let him go in the bunch with you.
And you will understand who he is.
If he is not good in the mountains.
If he became limp and went down,
took a step on the ice-house
and drooped,
stumbled and screamed.
It means that a stranger
goes besides you.
Don't quarrel with him, send him
Don't take him upwards
And don't sing about him.
If he didn't whimpered and moan.
If he was gloomy and angry but
he kept going.
And he groaned but held
when you fell from the rocks.
If he went next to you like
in battle.
And he stood tipsy on the peak.
It means that you can rely upon him
like upon yourself.
If he went next to you like
in battle.
And he stood tipsy on the peak.
It means that you can rely upon him
like upon yourself.
"Earth", I'm "Sky".
Answer me.
"Earth", I'm "Sky".
Hear good.
We are
at the first passing the night
besides the wall.
Everything is fine.
We won't use the rockets.
Define the weather forecast
more precisely.
Volodya, what about the forecast?
Got it, I hear good.
I communicated with the base,
the weather is fine.
What about the mood?
What about the peak?
Volodya, ask about the health.
The doctor is interested
about your health.
Give it to me. Tell him
that I'm calling the doctor.
Gennady is calling
the doctor.
Take it.
I'd like to consult with you.
I have a strange symptoms.
the absence of appetite,
giddiness, distraction.
What will you say?
The mountain sickness.
No, doctor, I'm not exposed
to the mountain sickness.
And now when we are
divided by hundreds of meters,
when my life is
in extreme danger...
-Let me explain him.
-I have nothing more to ask you.
-You've heard it, silly.
-Don't block up the ether.
Bye-bye. Goog luck, Othello.
He is too weak for Othello.
Filling up the list?
Boys, look.
The mysterious sign.
What is it?
Grievances, everyone...
Tea is ready.
It is light by them.
The mountains are so wonderful.
Why are you not with them?
Four people are the most suitable
group for such a wall.
Two bunches.
Two people in a bunch. Rerfect.
They didn't take you.
Didn't take.
-How many pieces of sugar?
-Four pieces.
Much sugar is harmful.
And it destroys the aroma of tea.
Why are you teaching me?
Why did you climb here?
To see you.
The strong and the courageous.
Because there are lots of talks.
They say
"The clever one won't go uphill".
And others. "Mountaineering is
the sport of the courageous".
And whom do you listen?
Both of them.
And what will you say?
-About what?
-About it.
You mean, benefits?
Not benefits.
What is it for you?
It is pleasure for me.
Lessening of tension.
It tickles the nerve.
And it is beautiful.
Ok. You are falling from the rock,
breaking hands and ribs.
It's not a pleasure.
And I can't find
beauty in it.
We're talking
the different languages.
What for did Amunson
need the South Pole?
And what for did Tensin
climb the Everest?
A man's seeing the pole
and climbing the highest
didn't bring any
profit to humankind.
But people themselves
announce the heroes.
There is a passion in a man.
To submit, to surmount.
To surmount obstacles.
I understand it so.
If I live in the other country,
I don't know the language.
And I try to learn it
in order to to surmount obstacle.
But you can go around the mountain.
For what do people create
the obstacle artificial?
Like running with barriers.
Don't forget that
mountaineering is sport.
You pretend to
something larger.
Everybody forgets
Its own offences.
And my sorrow doesn't melt
Like eternal snow.
It doesn't melt on summer
In midday heat.
I know that I have to carry
this sorrow
All my life.
No, you judge too
monotonous about life.
Вертикаль Вертикаль

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