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buried here.
My grandfather, my great-
grandfather, my mother, my father.
My youngest son is buried here.
I have brought him
from Kaluga in 1943.
It was hard
but I had managed.
Everyone must be buried
in his homeland.
Vitaly, I want
you to know.
I'm not going to die.
But it would be easier to me
if my beloved Iliko
were here.
Attention, radio station "Earth".
I'm "Avalanche". Tuning.
One, two, three, four, five,
four, three, two, one.
"Earth", I'm "Avalanche".
-Who is "Earth"?
-Artao. Lomov's group.
Finally, the old man
has decided.
Will it be for the last time?
-He tells it every year.
-Risky venture.
Even Iliko didn't reach it.
They have a good chance.
This guys are strong.
"Earth", I'm "Avalanche",
I hear good.
Report where you are
and when you begin the route.
-I'm "Avalanche".
-Everything is clear.
We are at the base camp.
Everything is all right.
Tomorrow we begin
the peak assault.
Got it?
Don't breathe.
Breathe out.
Why are you gloomy? Am I ill?
Quite the contrary, we can become
unemployed working with you.
Having such a doctor
I'm able to afford such a luxury
like fracture.
-You're so obliging.
-So, all your work will be ahead.
Better it won't.
Do you want me to give you a peak?
What for?
Sasha, she does not need our peak.
Nobody needs it except us.
How long shall we wait for you?
run for it quickly and come back.
But nobody've been there.
It has to resign
this time.
Will you miss us?
-Is it necessary?
-This would inspire me.
-You're so self-confident.
-No, I'm afraid of you.
You're absolutely healthy
and can run on your Everest.
Be careful, please.
-I'll be worried about you.
-Thank you.
Vitaly Petrovich.
Wait for me.
Wonderful view.
-Let's go.
Stupid boys.
-And what is the topic
of your degree work?
-This is very complex.
About the acclimatization of
sportsmen on high altitudes.
But this is very important question
at the present moment.
In the connection with
the forthcoming games in Mexico.
I would like
to check you
at the moment
of the biggest overloads.
-Let'so go upward with us.
I'm afraid.
-Yes, 1942.
In this region.
And this?
This is a rope.
Breathe in.
Listen to me attentively.
We must pass
through the icefall tomorrow.
This is difficult.
The first attempts to take Artao
were finished always here.
We'll be keeping to the left,
the ice-house isn't very torn here.
We have to avoid the avalanches only,
they get off the walls sometimes.
The first passing the night is at
the end of the ice-house above.
After that - the wall...
Ok, let's continue.
This is the most complicated place.
We must be especially
attentive here.
Iliko has perished somewhere here.
We'll hardly
get over the wall in a day.
We shouldn't think about the
convenient lodging for the night.
We shall reach the plateau under
the peak on the third day at best.
And where is the peak?
It is not seen from here.
That snow above the wall is
the beginning of raising to it.
We'll leave here tent and backpacks
and travel light to the peak.
-And what is a descent there?
-Easy. A little bit rocks and snow.
And we'll come from here
over this cross piece.
Over there.
Volodya, the radio communication
will be after two passings the night
in the morning and in the evening.
Rockets are for the insurance.
The white one means "everything
is all right". The red one...
We'll try not to use the red one.
Probably there won't be any
radio signal from that peak.
In general it is calm there.
There is a see
on the other side of the pass.
Let's go with me.
We'll be there in two days.
It's not the time to speak about it.
We'll continue the conversation
after my return.
We'll see.
What a high wall.
What is the height?
450 meters.
That is higher than
the Moscow University.
Two Universities. Exactly two.
And will you climb there?
Ask about the salary
Вертикаль Вертикаль

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