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Вертихвостки 2

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- "Body."
- "Body."
How about Monique Monet?
She wasn't so bad.
Wasn't so bad?
She can't even say her name
and make it sound real.
That's because it's not.
Can I get you anything else?
Just coffee, my dear.
- Coffee.
- Make it three.
Nothing. Just some water.
Three coffees and one water.
Thank you.
Parakalo, my dear.
Oh, I got it.
I got it.
We make her
a poor little mute girl.
That way she can look great but she
doesn't have to say a bloody word.
I suppose the love scenes
will be done in sign language.
Yeah, it's just like ordering dinner
in a sushi bar.
I mean, he points
at everything he wants.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Are you an actress?
No, I'm the waitress.
So are most the actresses I know.
Would you mind reading these
lines of dialogue with me?
I told you,
I'm not an actress.
- Please. I'll leave you a big tip.
- On a glass of water?
Come on.
Okay, but only if you promise
to quit bothering me.
All right, look,
I'll read this and then I'll cue you.
"If you love me, let me know
by opening those lovely lips
and tell me
in your own sweet voice."
"Words of love
are just words,
therefore, think carefully
before you answer me.
Are you really in love with me
or just with my body?" Okay?
Okay? That was more than okay.
That was really good.
You didn't even
tell me your name.
but I go by Cleo.
So, Cleo, how would you like
to be in a movie?
How does it end?
Very happily.
I mean, do I end up taking off my
clothes and jumping into bed with you?
That's right.
How'd you know?
I've been in that movie.
It doesn't end happily.
Hey, I'm serious.
We're trying to cast the lead in a film.
You'd be perfect.
You guys, I just read her
and she's great.
Try telling that
to my stepfather.
Oh, what a fine looking citizen.
Well, my dear, perhaps you'll
take off your-- read for us?
Please, try to understand.
I don't even go to the movies
and I have no desire to be in one.
I'm just a student working
to save some money for college.
Now I'm flattered
that you asked,
but there's really nothing you can
say to change my mind.
How about 150,000 drachmas
a week?
( horn blowing )
Perhaps the most outstanding
example of the Ionic border
is the Erechtheum located
in the Acropolis.
At the southern portico
of the Erechtheum
is the famed
Porch of the Maidens,
known for its
six sculpted caryatids.
These female figures dating
from the fifth century BC
act as columns supporting
an entablature on their heads.
Oh, man, we have
a porch of maidens here
and I am erect-ium.
( horn blowing )
Check out that boat.
It's not the boat
I'm checking out.
Speaking of checking out..
Hello, up there.
You're the most beautiful girl
I've ever seen.
What's your name?
I have to talk to you.
I'm coming aboard.
Come on now,
keep away from the boat.
- I'm gonna shoot!
- Stop!
- Get away from the boat!
- ( gunshots )
Get away from the boat!
- Get him! Get him!
- Bring her over here.
Shoot him again.
Shoot him again!
Get back!
( folk music playing )
# Playing the demons
way down deep inside me #
# Stirring and compromise
surrender #
# And I lost another battle #
# Weakness of the flesh
has won again... #
Very good.
Hey, Cleo, wait up.
You were really good today.
- Me?
- Yeah.
How do you like
making movies?
Honestly, it was the most
boring day of my life.
All that waiting around with nobody
to talk to but actors.
Sorry, princess. I guess actors are
beneath someone of your noble birth.
Bobo, you don't understand.
Scram. Will you scram?
That's all.
And you, Mr. Popapipoles,
out out.
I want you out.
I will not tolerate this trashy,
sexist behavior on my set.
You are finished.
I have a contract, sir.
You can't do this.
You have a contract,
do you?
Well, I invoke the morals clause
on your contract.
Oh, shit!
The morals clause?
What's going on?
Logan caught Mr. Popapipoles
with his
Вертихвостки 2 Вертихвостки 2

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