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Вертихвостки 2

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Oh, somewhere here
I've got something for you.
The bill.
Here it is, darling. I ran into Sean
and he helped me pick it out.
Hi, Sean.
It's one of a kind.
What do you think?
Certainly is one of a kind.
Yeah, not many people know how
to make them babies.
- Sean helped pick that out?
- Mm-hmm.
I'll have to find a unique way
of thanking him.
You don't like it, do you?
You hate it.
I can tell.
It's beautiful.
- I love it to death.
- Let me tell you something, bucko.
You know, it's not easy being stuck
over here with nothing to do all day.
I'd go crazy if I couldn't go out
and do a little shopping now and then.
Morgan, it's just that
you're going through our money
faster than I can make it.
And I suppose my sanity
is only worth $50 a week.
Or maybe $75.
Good old Morgan,
just-- just lock her up
in the hotel room
and throw away her credit cards.
Is that it?
Well, I don't have to take
that kind of abuse from anybody.
You know, I-- I'll wire
Daddy for money if I have to.
He knows how delicate
and sensitive I am.
Here, take your gold card
and shove it up your wallet.
- I'll survive somehow.
- Morgan.
Son, I got a feeling she's blown
the tires off your credit card.
Next time, better leave
home without it.
# Music playing in my head #
# And it just won't let me be #
# I got things
I want to do instead #
# I got the moves, set them free #
# Flashing in the dark... #
- Hey, wait a minute.
- Hold it, blondie. Hold it.
Hey, blondie, you want blood
all over that white suit?
Be a good doggie, huh?
# Lighten up our world,
so let it shine, let it shine #
# For we are #
# Children of the night #
# Dancing to the beat
of a different drum #
# Children of the night... #
Excuse me, sir.
This is $380 American.
No problem. Just put it on my tab
and keep it flowing to those guys, okay?
Yes sir, Mr. Kingsley.
# Oh, I'm waiting for you #
# I want your love #
# I'm want to hold on tonight... #
Oh God! Oh! Oh!
You know what happened
to me last night?
I dreamed we were dancing
together just like this.
So in this dream of yours,
what happens next?
Next I say,
"Hey, let's blow this joint
and watch the sun rise."
I'd love to, but my father
would never allow it.
Funny, that's what you
said in the dream.
And I said, "Hey, let's
just sneak out the back door."
I wish we could.
But my bodyguards
watch every move I make.
Well, in my dream,
this is where I point out to you
that your two gorillas are blotto
over there in the corner.
# I don't care
about boy lovers... #
I've never done
anything like this before.
I have in my dreams.
And believe me, it's worth it.
Hey, you don't happen to know where
the Semester at Sea group is, do you?
I-- I heard a couple
of the guys are in here.
The only guy I want
is Sean Kingsley.
That's me,
I'm-- I'm Sean Kingsley.
Listen, gay boy,
24 bottles of champagne
is 280,000 drachmas without tip.
That's ridiculous.
I don't have that kind of money.
Hold it a beat longer...
and cut.
Very nice.
Next setup!
Was that good for you?
- That was fine.
- Okay, let's get that camera.
Yoo-hoo, Scotty!
Oh, Scotty!
Morgan, didn't expect to see you up
so early this morning.
I woke up feeling cheap as hell.
You snuck out of bed
like a one-night stand.
You didn't even leave me
any breakfast money.
Cafe au lait, mademoiselle?
What are you doing?
Oh, just practicing.
Someday I want to be a director.
Stranger things have happened.
Really? You think so?
Yeah. One or two.
Don't I get any
lunch money, Daddy?
Thank you, darling.
A good boy deserves a good kiss.
Morgan, not here, okay?
Who is that girl over there?
You mean you don't know?
That's Scott's fiancйe.
First team, let's go!
On the double before
we lose this light.
Let's man the oars, slaves.
You're still angry at me
from last night, aren't you?
- No.
- Then prove it
and give Morgie
back the gold card.
Here, you
Вертихвостки 2 Вертихвостки 2

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