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Вертихвостки 2

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Hey, where are those guys
going with that surfboard?
Hey, back off.
No no, not my surfboard!
No! No!
Look, man,
there's no drugs in here.
I'm sorry about that, boy.
What's the matter, bud?
You can't be done hassling me.
My suitcase is still in one piece.
Come on, man, cool out.
Open it.
- What for?
- Come on, open it.
It's obviously unnecessary.
Hold on.
You're on a power trip, right?
I get it.
Don't mess up my shirts.
What is this?
This is obviously
not my suitcase.
Can you believe that?
Drugs in my surfboard?
Yeah, I know. Like you'd have
put them in such an obvious place.
Cut. Print it.
Need a pickup
of the chainsaw, cutie.
Okay, everybody, that's a wrap.
Crew bus leaves in half an hour.
- Cast and Cookie comes with me.
- Girls: Scotty!
Sign your name here, please.
What has he got
that we haven't got?
Looks, charm,
hit TV series.
Holy shit!
This is real.
- Are you ready to go?
- Ready?
Sure, I've got a headache,
my shoulder feels separated
- and I'm bored out of my mind.
- I guess you're ready to go.
Excuse me, Officers,
but that's not real.
It's just a prop for the movie.
You understand?
Movie. You understand?
Movie movie.
It's just parsley.
Look at those silly cops.
They think
the kids are smoking real pot.
They are.
I told Bruce to get the real stuff.
You what?
Doesn't smell anything like grass.
Here, take this back
to the prop truck, please.
- Brucie: Cookie!
- Huh?
Scott, is that a joint
in your hand?
Eww, disgusting!
And you promised me you'd given it up.
- Eat it.
- Are you out of your mind?
- I don't take drugs.
- Morgan, eat it.
What do you want, lamebrain?
Did you want to get us
thrown in the slammer?
What I want is reality
on the screen.
Oh, you want reality?
You got it, lady.
You're fired!
Before you fire me,
Logan, I walk.
No no no no, I fired you
before you walked.
Bad news.
Trouble in paradise.
Nothing a quick poke
won't cure.
Next time your phone rings,
it'll be my attorney.
And you'll be hearing
from my agent.
Agh! Cookie, come along.
We have script changes.
Montito, I need you presto.
I'm sorry, sir,
but there's nothing else I can do.
Look, you can't put all three
of us in one room.
That's what your reservation
called for.
Take it or leave it.
I feel sick.
Hey, Sean, you sharing
your room with anybody?
Not permanently.
How about taking on Rags
as a roommate and helping me out?
I wanna get girls in my room, man,
not scare 'em away.
Well, I think I'll leave you
two lovebirds alone for a while.
- Thanks, buddy.
- Yep.
Hey, Carlton Ashby.
When did you get in?
Hey, son, just flew in
after 14 and a half hours
in a seat designed
for a chimpanzee.
Well, then come on downstairs
and we can toss down
a couple of ice cold beers.
I'm not quite feeling human yet,
and tomorrow's my first day of
shooting. I better get a little sleep.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Rags.
- Hi, Mrs. Logan. Welcome to Greece.
Thank you. Tell me, have you
seen my husband around?
Not recently.
Who's banging at my door?
Oh, cheese and crackers.
Who's banging at--
oh, what a surprise.
If it isn't my little wifey.
Kiss kiss.
Darling, just let me
straighten up a bit.
Make some room
for you, huh?
Your wife is here?!
Cookie, you'll get
those sheets changed--
I mean, the script sheets
changed, right?
Oh, yes, right away.
Oh, I'm sorry.
No, that's okay.
You need some help?
No, I'm okay.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
Oh, work work work
work work work work.
Oh, are we a little cranky?
Well, it's been a long trip.
I know. I know. I know.
- I love you.
- I love you.
This place isn't so bad.
I mean, it may not
be the Ritz,
but at least it's clean.
What's wrong with Baby Rambo?
Nothing. Just jet lag.
Oh, God,
I feel like refried shit.
Probably that joint you ate.
Getting a buzz yet?
- Oh my God!
- Morgan,
Вертихвостки 2 Вертихвостки 2

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