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Вертихвостки 2

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buzzing loudly )
( Cookie screams )
( screaming )
( laughing )
( screaming )
( rock music playing )
( screaming )
Oh, my Cookie!
My Cookie!
( shrieks )
( screams )
( screaming )
( gasping )
( chuckling )
- Cookie, you okay?
- Cut. Print.
( ballad playing )
Hey hey, princess.
You look even prettier than
I remember you from last summer.
And you look even taller.
Daddy says my pituitary
must be wired to the stock market.
Each day we're both
hitting new highs.
( laughs )
Carlton Ashby,
my wife and two young sons.
Beautiful! Cut!
( groans )
More drivel.
Mr. Logan!
Mr. Logan!
Mr. Logan,
you're wanted on the set.
Ooh, well,
you're wanted on my lap.
Oh-ho, how I've missed
my milk and cookies.
- ( coos )
- Cut it out, Mr. Logan.
It's not right.
Oh, but it feels so good.
Face it, Mr. Logan,
it's reality.
God, how I hate reality.
- Boss?
- Oh!
Come out. Come out into
the light where I can see you.
Yes, not bad, not bad.
A Don Corleone
you will never be,
but for a moutro, you'll do.
( both chuckle )
I got the kidnapper here.
Get his gun and ammo
right away, will ya?
- And make it snappy.
- Right away, chief.
the kids are going to come
down the gangplank
and you're going
to abduct them right here.
Good good.
Now you see the boat over there?
Yes, that's the getaway boat.
First time it's ever been done.
Fresh idea, no?
Hey, Logan, you're holding up
the whole damn company!
Bitch. Piece of cake
for a moutro like you.
Break a leg!
( chuckles )
Here we are.
A regular .38,
quarter loads.
Personally, half loads
hurt my ears.
Why didn't you tell me
you're already equipped?
And a .45. I see you're a man
who likes big pistols.
I know I do.
Ain't it great living on a boat?
I find it convenient as hell.
No matter how much
beer you drink,
you only gotta go 10 steps
in any direction to pee.
( laughs )
You're always hitting the water.
Hell, you can't miss.
It's sort of like living in a giant
toilet bowl, ain't it?
I'd like to propose
a merger, princess,
between two of the richest
multinationals on earth--
toi and moi.
Oh, Sean, this is so unexpected.
I don't know what to say.
In the language of love,
words are obsolete.
( whistle blaring )
Hey, hillbilly Joe,
walk the plank, man.
- ( whistle continues )
- Hey, out of here, dude.
You two are in violation
of the international seamen's code.
International seamen's code?
Get real!
Hey, cut it out.
Hey, what's this?
It's the proper flotation device.
Float on this!
( grunting )
It's for your own safety.
What's that?
Kiddie pool?
( muttering )
No! No kiddie pool!
If you're gonna visit the kiddie pool,
you have to be wearing these.
( grunting )
- A nap?
- No!
A nap is no problem.
Hey, Papa, Snagglefarb's sick.
He's had too much to drink.
What is it, son?
Feeling a might puny?
Hell's bells, boy.
Don't hold back, boy.
Go ahead and vomit.
Much obliged.
Now, Snagglefarb,
you take your brother right
back to the boat, you hear?
Well, that's a young pup for ya.
Can't hardly hold their pecker
much less their liquor.
( chuckles )
Hey! Stamata.
Hey, not so fast there, sport.
Go to varka.
Stop or I'll shoot!
( guests screaming )
No no! No-- no, cut!
No no no, cut!
Cut the camera.
( screaming )
- They're shooting real bullets!
- Bullets?
Come on, buddy,
they called cut.
- Turn this tug around.
- ( speaking Greek )
Hey, buddy, come on,
they called cut.
( speaks Greek )
He said to shut up
or he'll blow your head off.
With blanks? Ha ha, okay,
we laughed, the joke's over.
- ( screams )
- ( water gurgling )
Oh, where's my poor Scotty?
What are they doing to him?
You don't think they're
pulling out his fingernails
one by one or--
or burning his feet
with cigarettes, do you?
Oh, what if they
chop off his ears?
Oh, he'll look
Вертихвостки 2 Вертихвостки 2

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