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В то же время, в следующем году

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Have we changed much?
Oh, sure we have.
I grew up with you. Remember all
those dumb lies I used to tell?
Yeah. How about me?
Have I grown up too?
I had the feeling you were
already grown up when we met.
Why is it every time I look at you,
I want to put my hands all over you?
That's another thing that hasn't
changed. You always were a sex maniac.
I'll start a fire.
You know, I figured out with
the cost of firewood today,
it's cheaper to buy furniture,
break it up and burn it.
Are things that tight?
No. I'm okay.
I've been doing some
teaching at U.C.L.A. Ah.
What? Music?
With the way things
are happening out there,
it seems that figures are still
the only things that don't lie.
Doris, why'd you
sell your business?
How did you know about
that? I'll tell you later.
What made you do it?
A chain bought me out.
It was just the right offer
at the right time.
But what do you do with yourself
now? Oh, I read and watch TV...
and visit my grandchildren,
play a little golf.
You know,
all the jet set stuff.
I thought
you loved working.
Well, there
was another factor.
Harry had a heart attack. It
turned out to be a mild one,
but he needed me
at the time, so-
Besides, it's not like I'm
in permanent retirement.
There's a local election in a couple of
months, and I've been approached to run.
On what ticket?
Harry's okay now?
Oh, yeah.
He runs four miles a day and
has a body like Mark Spitz.
Unfortunately, he still has a
face like Ernest Borgnine, but-
How's everything with
you and Harry emotionally?
Well, that's not such a bad state to be in.
That word's been given a
bad reputation by the young.
Where's your luggage?
Still in the car?
I didn't bring any.
I can't stay.
Why not? Look, I have a lot to say...
and a very short time to
say it, so I'd better start.
In the first place,
it turns out that...
Helen found out
about us 10 years ago.
When did you learn that?
Two months ago.
And she never confronted
you with it before?
No. What made her tell you now?
She didn't. We have
a very close friend, Connie.
- Did- Have I ever
mentioned her? - No.
Well, Connie told me.
All those years, and she never
even hinted that she knew.
I guess that's the nicest
story I've ever told about her.
- Your wife is an amazing woman.
- She passed away, Doris.
I lost her six months ago.
It was very fast.
I'm sorry to blurt it out like that. I
couldn't think of a graceful way to tell you.
It's so strange.
I never even met Helen, and I feel
like I've just lost my best friend.
Are the kids okay? The kids are
great. If it weren't for them,
I don't know if I'd have
gotten through this whole thing.
I wish you'd tried to
reach me. Well, I did.
That's how I found out
you'd sold the store.
They gave me
your home number, and I-
I let the phone ring four
times, and then I hung up.
But I felt better knowing
you were there if I needed you.
Oh, I wish you'd spoken to me.
Well, I didn't want to intrude.
I didn't think
I had the right.
That's just terrible.
We should've been together.
You know, I've been thinking
about us a lot lately,
everything we've been through
together, things we've shared,
times we've
helped each other.
Did you know we made love 113 times? What?
I figured that out
on my Bomar calculator.
I think it's wonderful when
people know each other that well.
You know, there's nothing
about you I don't know.
You take two sugars, right? No. One.
Okay. Uh-
Oh, well, okay. Maybe I don't
know everything about you.
You know, I don't know who
your favorite movie stars are.
And I couldn't remember the
name of your favorite perfume.
- I racked my brain, and I couldn't think of it.
- That's funny.
It's My Sin.
But I do know that in 26 years,
I've never been out of love with you.
I think
that's incredible.
So what do you say, Doris?
You wanna get married?
Married? We
В то же время, в следующем году В то же время, в следующем году

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