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В то же время, в следующем году

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okay, a little guilty.
But I'll tell you something.
I really resent the fact that
he's making me feel guilty.
Why do you feel resentment?
Well, look. I didn't marry Harry
because he had a good head for business.
Okay. So it turns out that I do,
or maybe I was lucky. I don't know.
The point is, I don't love him any less
just 'cause he's a failure as a provider,
so why should he love me less
just 'cause I'm a success?
Have you told him you
still love him? Love him.
What's he think I've been
hanging around for 27 years for?
Would it be so hard to let him
know you understand how he Feels?
Right now it would,
Do you
want him back?
I don't know.
But ask me again tomorrow, and I'll
probably give you a different answer.
Because tomorrow
I won't have you.
- I'm always with you in spirit.
- Thanks a lot.
It's kind of difficult to put your
cold feet on somebody's spirit,
especially when
they're 400 miles away.
Is that a proposal,
Are you interested?
Are you?
I've always thought
we'd make a nice couple.
You didn't
answer the question.
I was the one
who proposed.
Well, don't look
so panicky, George.
I was only
three-quarters serious.
Well, when you're completely
serious, ask me again.
I bet you say that
to all the girls.
Thank you.
You hungry?
Well, you're in luck.
Because today, your lunch is
being catered by the chicest,
most expensive French delicatessen
in all fan Francisco.
How did we swing that? The
owner's got a thing for ya.
It's out in the trunk
of my car. Can I help?
Why, you could set the table
and turn on some nice music...
and when I come back,
make me laugh, huh?
I'll try.
Don't worry.
If you can't make me
laugh, just hold my hand.
Uh, no, she's not here
right now. Who's this?
Harry? Um-
Uh, would you
- would you just hold on for a minute, please?
Harry, we're two mature adult human
beings, and I've decided to be honest.
No. Doris is not here right
now, but I'd like to talk to you.
Because I know that you and Doris are
having a pretty rough time right now, and-
Uh, we're
very close friends.
I've known Doris for 20 years, and
I feel that through her, I know you.
We've been meeting this
same weekend for 20 years.
The retreat?
Uh, yeah.
I'll, uh
- I'll get to that in a minute, but, um,
first I'd like to tell
you something, Harry.
She loves you.
Well, I just know. Look. Maybe if I told
you a story she told me this morning,
maybe it would help you
Uh, a few months ago, Doris was
supposed to act as den mother...
for your 10-year-old daughter
and her Indian Guide group.
And Doris was a little late.
She was hung up at the store,
and she got home
about two hours late.
When she walked into the house, she looked
in the living room, and you know what she saw?
A rather overweight, balding, middle-aged
man with a feather on his head...
sitting cross-legged on the
floor, very gravely and gently...
telling a circle of totally
absorbed girls what it was like...
to be in a World War II
Japanese prison camp.
And she turned around and went
outside and got in her car...
and thanked God for being
married to a man like you.
Are you still there, Harry?
Yeah, well, look. Sometimes married
people get into an emotional straitjacket,
and it's kind of hard for them to express
how they truly feel about each other.
Total honesty
is the key.
Yes, I've known Doris
for 20 years,
and I'm not ashamed to admit that
it's been one of the most intimate,
satisfying experiences
of my life.
My name?
My name is
Father Michael O'Herlihy.
Right. Oh.
It never changes, does it? About
the only thing that doesn't.
I find that comforting.
Even old Chalmers
hasn't changed.
He must be 75
by now.
You remember when we first met? Even
then, we called him old Chalmers.
He must've been the same
age then that we are now.
That I don't
find so comforting.
We were very young.
В то же время, в следующем году В то же время, в следующем году

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