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В то же время, в следующем году

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know sometimes I tend
to overcompensate for my emotionalism.
Occasionally, there's a loss of
spontaneity. I'm working on that.
Well, I'm glad to hear it.
What else have you learned?
That behind the walls
I've built around myself,
I'm a warm, caring,
loving human being.
Well, I could've
told you that 20 years ago.
Tell me. How's Helen reacting
to your voyage of self-discovery?
Well, at first, she tended to
overreact. Oh, yeah? In what way?
She threw a grapefruit
at me in the supermarket.
Listen. It's only natural that there'd be
some interpersonal conflicts to work through,
but now it's cool.
- Helen's into pottery.
- Oh. And what are you doing for a living?
We live very simply, Doris.
We don't need much. What bread we do need,
I can provide by simple, honest labor.
Like what? I play cocktail piano
in a singles bar in the Valley.
Yes, Liz?
No. No. Tell 'em that's our final offer.
Oh, that's a lot of bull. I know
it's a good piece of property,
but he needs us
more than we need him.
Well, if he doesn't like it, tell him
to shove it. And don't worry. He won't.
Okay, hon. Thanks.
Anything else?
All right. Well,
I'll be at this number.
I'm buying another store.
- Money.
- Is that why you went into business? To make money?
No. I wanted power too. I take
it you are for women’s liberation?
- Hey, I'm for any kind
of liberation. - That's a cop-out.
Women have always been exploited
by men, and you know it.
Doris, we've all been shafted,
and by the same things.
Look. Let me lay this on
you. I go to a woman doctor.
Oh, yeah? First time she
gave me a rectal examination,
she said, "Am I hurting
you or are you tense?"
I said, "I'm tense." She said,
"Are you tense because I'm a woman?"
I said, "No. I get tense
when anybody does that to me."
See what I mean? Well,
I don't know about that,
but I do know in this country,
nobody takes a woman seriously...
until she has enough money
to back up her mouth.
Hey, I think
it's great to have a hobby.
A hobby?
We grossed a half million the first year.
Doris, don't misunderstand me. If that’s
what you want, I'm very happy for you.
I'm just not
into the money thing anymore.
Do you ever get the feeling
we're drifting apart?
No. In many ways, I've
never felt closer to you.
I don't know. Somehow it seems
to me our lives are out of sync.
Look. We all realize our potential
in different ways at different times.
The important thing is, does what you
do give you a sense of fulfillment?
Well, I'm working on it. And
you have everything you want?
With one minor exception.
Somewhere along the way, I
seem to have lost my husband.
- Lost him?
- Well, I don't know if I lost him...
or I simply misplaced him.
He left home four days ago, and
I haven't heard from him since.
How do you feel about that?
George, do me a favor.
Stop talking as though you're leading a human
potential group. It really pisses me off.
That's cool.
What's cool?
For you to transfer your feelings
of hostility and aggression from Harry to me.
As long as you know that's
what you’re doing. You know something?
You're really beginning
to get on my nerves.
That's cool too.
I mean it. At least it's honest.
Total honesty is the key to everything.
Really? Are you being
totally honest with Helen?
- I'm trying.
- Oh, yeah? Have you told her about us?
No, but I could. I think today
she's mature enough to handle it.
you're full of shit.
I can buy that.
I mean, if you’re being totally honest.
Believe me. I am
being totally honest.
Well, at least
it's a start.
And what about
all that other garbage?
"I don't know if I lost him
or simply misplaced him."
What kind of crap is that?
All right. You've got a point.
So how do you feel about all
this? You're doing it again!
Okay. I think-
Don't tell me how you think.
Tell me how you feel.
Like I've been kicked
in the stomach.
What else?
Angry. Hurt. Betrayed.
В то же время, в следующем году В то же время, в следующем году

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