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В то же время, в следующем году

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helicopter, and a sniper killed him.
We got word during
a Fourth of July party.
Helen went
completely to pieces.
I thought I was in shock and
that I'd feel it later, you know?
I never did.
I've never shed a tear.
All I've ever been able
to feel is blind anger.
I never shed a tear.
Isn't that something?
He was my son.
I love him.
And for the life of me...
I can't seem
to cry for him.
Doris, I'm sorry.
About everything.
I've been a bit
on edge lately.
Just seems
to be one damn-
Dreams make promises!
They can't keep!
They can swindle you!
While you sleep!
And the morning
Finds you!
Wondering why!
It seems!
When we're young
in dreams we trust!
Maybe growing up
is just!
Kissing certain dreams!
You know, it's amazing how good
it can be after 21 years, isn't it?
Well, if you add up all the times
we actually made it together,
we're still
on our honeymoon.
Did I tell you I'm a grandmother? No.
But I think you picked a
weird time to announce it.
Thank you.
Anyway, you're the youngest-looking
grandmother I've had a peak experience with.
Well, my mother thanks you.
My father thanks you.
My hairdresser thanks you. And
my plastic surgeon thanks you.
When Harry says, "You're not the girl I
married," he doesn't know how right he is.
Didn't Harry like your old nose?
Harry thinks this is my old nose.
He never noticed? No. Isn't that pathetic?
I mean, a new dress or something, I
could understand, but a whole nose?
Well, to be totally honest, I
don't see any difference either.
Well, I don't care. It's
sure different From my side.
Makes me
Feel more attractive.
Anyway, that's this year's
bad story about Harry.
Have you got one
about Helen?
Well, there was
this loud party next door.
Helen couldn't sleep.
And, uh, she didn't wanna
take a sleeping pill...
because she had to get
up at 6:00 in the morning.
So she took a couple of pills
and stuffed them in her ears.
During the night,
the pills melted.
Then the next day, while the doctor was
digging the stuff out of her ears,
he said, "You know,
these can be taken orally."
Helen just laughed.
She didn't care.
I'll tell you something. If that’s the
worst story you can tell about your wife,
you must
be a very happy man.
Well, let's just say I've discovered
the potential for happiness.
Yes, Liz?
No, honey.
It's 60 guests, not 16.
There's no problem. We've catered
parties for her lots of times. It-
I know, but she puts little
tables around her swimming pool,
and then there's room
on the patio for the buffet.
It's a brunch.
Right. That's okay.
Uh, Liz,
did Harry call?
Okay. You know
where to reach me, huh?
I'm sorry. It was a busy weekend,
and I had to leave a number.
Does Harry know you’re here? No.
Harry still thinks I go on retreat.
Don't worry.
I'm not worried. Yeah?
Then why are you frowning?
I'm getting bad vibes again.
Yeah. When you first walked in, I
picked up on your high tension level.
Then after we made love, I sensed
a certain anxiety reduction,
but, uh, now I'm getting
definite negative Feedback.
When did you go
into analysis?
- How did you know I was in analysis?
-Just a wild guess.
What made you start?
My value system changed. One day,
I took a look at my $150,000 house...
and the three cars in the garage and
the swimming pool and the gardeners,
and I asked myself, "Why?"
I mean, did I really
want the whole status trip?
So I decided to try to find out
what I did want and who I was.
So you went from analysis
to Esalen to Gestalt...
to encounter groups to
transactional to nirvana, huh?
Just because some people are trying
to widen their emotional horizons...
doesn't make the experience
any less valid.
I've learned a lot.
So I've noticed.
For one thing, you've learned to talk as
though you're reasoning with somebody...
about to jump
from a high ledge.
Okay, okay. I
В то же время, в следующем году В то же время, в следующем году

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