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В то же время, в следующем году

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No reason. Just
interested. Just, you know-
Okay. I'll get her right
over there. Okay. Bye.
All right. It's okay. They're gonna call your
doctor, and he's gonna meet us at the hospital.
We're not gonna make it to the
hospital. My water just broke.
Oh, my God! We're gonna have
to find a doctor in the area.
Oh, my- Ohh, my God.
You look awful!
What if we can't find one?
You're not gonna faint, are you?
Doris, I'm not a cabdriver! I
don't know how to deliver babies!
George, this is no time to start
acting like Butterfly McQueen.
- Now, you just get on the phone
and find a doctor.
Hello. Uh, Mr. Chalmers,
where's the nearest doctor?
Well, get
- Look. Get him on the phone for me, will you?
This is an emergency.
It's all right. It's okay. Hold
on. Hold on. It's okay, baby. No no!
This will teach you to fool around with a
married woman! Shh what's the matter with you?
Get that down! Get down Get
down! Put that down!
Calm down. Relax. Just
keep that down. Hel-
What do you mean,
his answering service?
- No, no. Wait. Wait a second. You don't understand.
This is an emergency. She's
in the last stages of labor!
Well, get in your car and drive
down to the goddamn pier and get him!
Just get him!
It's okay. It's all right.
He's- The doctor's on his boat,
but he's just down- down the road,
and, uh- and, uh- Chalmers is
gonna drive down there in his-
God- in his car
and get him.
He'll be right here.
What? What? What? What?
I feel the baby!
George, I'm scared.
Honey, do something.
- I'll be right back.
- George, don't leave me.
- I'm right here, baby. I'm right here.
- George!
What are those for?
We're gonna have a baby.
- "We"?
- Yeah, but I'm gonna need your help.
Give me your hand.
Look into my eyes.
You're gonna be fine.
There's nothing to worry
about. We're together. Okay.
You think I play the piano well? Yeah.
Wait till you see
the way I deliver babies.
Hey, man.
What do ya say?
Mmm. So... wanna fuck?
What? You didn't understand the question?
Of course I did. I just think it's a
damned odd way to start a conversation.
Oh. Gee, I thought it was
a great little icebreaker.
Aren’t you horny
after your long flight?
I didn't fly. I drove. From Connecticut?
No. From Los Angeles. We moved to
Beverly Hills about six months ago.
Ohh. How come?
A number of reasons. I got tired
of standing knee-deep in the snow...
trying to scrape the ice off my
windshield with a credit card.
Besides, there are people here with a lot
of money who don't know what to do with it.
And you tell 'em? I'm what
they call a business manager.
- How's it goin'?
- Can't complain. Why?
You look kind
of shitty.
Is everything
all right?
When did you start dressing like an indian?
You look like a refugee from the Sunset Strip.
Oh, no. I've gone
back to school- Berkeley.
You mean, what do I want
to be when I grow up?
Well, you have to admit it's a bit
odd becoming a schoolgirl at your age.
Hey, listen. You think it's easy being
the only one in your class with clear skin?
What made you do it? Actually, it was
a dinner party that made me decide.
Harry's boss invited us over for
dinner, and I just freaked. Why?
Well, I'd spent so much time at home
with the kids that I really wasn’t sure...
I was capable of carrying on an intelligent
conversation with anyone over the age of five.
So, anyway, we went, and I got
seated right next to the boss.
But, you know, I surprised myself.
I mean, he talked and I talked.
It was just like
a regular conversation.
I thought everything
was cool,
till I noticed that he was looking
at me in kind of a weird way.
I looked down at his plate and discovered
that all the time we had been talking,
I'd been cutting up his meat for him.
That's when I decided that
I'd better get out of the house.
Yeah, but why school?
Oh, I don't know.
I felt restless and undirected, and I
thought school
В то же время, в следующем году В то же время, в следующем году

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