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В огне брода нет

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Lermontov's poems.
- I'm not going. Staying behind
in the hospital. - Go on, go.
- I'm not going.
- Get out of here.
- Don't forget, there's warm clothes,
tobacco and millet.
- Take some apples.
- And remember me, please.
- Well, how is it?
- Do you have anything else
I can look at?
- Well?
- Sleep, Tyotkina. It's late.
- Don't be afraid.
- I'm already in love with another,
Comrade Mastenko.
- You're a fool Tyotkina. A fool.
- Or maybe a wonder.
That's me telling you that, Mastenko.
- You look after yourself, Tyotkina.
- Go have a look.
- Let me through.
- Cover up your knees, you cow.
- Going far, fellas?
- To the front, to the Don (river).
- Take me, fellas.
- What is it, Ignatich?
- You hear?
- Nothing, nothing.
- Fadey Semyonovich,
something's not right with Ignatich.
- Easy, easy.
- You fool, where are you going
with a saddle, this is the infantry.
- Stop! Stop, we're telling you. Stop!
- Where are you going, Ignatich?
- Stop, my friend.
- How are we going to be without you?
- Hey pal, they're shouting for you,
- For you, I swear, for you.
- Eh, you're a post, not a person.
- Keep your legs warm!
Protect your legs!
- Where are you going?
- To the front.
- Give it back. Give it!
- Stand up.
- How could I leave him
there alone, without me.
- Let go. Let go. Let go!
- You'll travel to Alekseyevka
- Take the wounded,
and from there to Korshenova
- Understand?
- But be careful, there should
already be Whites in Vasilievka
- And we'll get them,
with the revolver. Am I right, Tanka?
- Faster, my darling, faster!
- Komsomolka?
- Komsomolka
- Worked on a medical train?
- Yes
- As what?
- An orderly.
- Do you have parents?
- No.
- Who do you want to be,
in this life?
- A painter.
- So, you want to be a painter.
- Tell me which of these icons
you like best.
- Well? Which one of these
icons do you like best?
- That one.
- Show me.
- This one.
- Correct.
- Father Porfiry, the owner
of the house, is ignorant.
- That's why the icon is poorly hung.
- But it's priceless.
- 16th century.
- Are you Russian?
- Russian.
- Do you love Russia?
- I do.
- And I.
- See, we both love Russia.
- But what's going on, do you know,
here in Russia?
- Revolution.
- And for what?
- Have you asked yourself that?
- Well, what else?
- We've brought him, Colonel.
- Bring him in about 5 minutes.
- As you wish.
- Well, tell me, tell me,
don't be afraid.
- To kill all the tormentors.
- Sit.
- Sit.
- Do you believe...
-...that there will come a time when
people will stop being tormented?
- I do.
- So you believe in overall harmony?
- In what?
- Grace.
- In what?
- In Grace.
- I don't understand.
- Well, when it will be
good for everyone.
- I believe that.
- And in search of that let
brother go against brother?
- Russian against Russian?
Is that it?
- There's no ford through fire.
- No, no, no, no, no, no. No?
- No.
- So there's belief in you.
- Belief.
- In you, belief?
- Yes.
- Well, you have to suffer
for your beliefs.
- Are you ready to suffer?
- How's that?
- To suffer.
- When?
- Tomorrow. Today, if you like.
As you wish.
- Tomorrow.
- Are you afraid?
- But what if I let you go?
Would you like that?
- I will, I'll let you go,
if that is what you want.
- I do.
- And I, girl, almost believed you.
- How's that? - In your "belief".
But you don't have any.
- No belief.
- I do.
- No.
- I do.
- Don't touch. Get off me.
- Don't touch. Don't touch.
- See, girl.
People like that are teaching you.
- And will control you.
- And so what? We have more intelligent
people, big people. Tanya, am I right?
- You, girl, can go. Go.
Saygin, let her go, she's free.
- Go, go, go.
- Go on, my darling.
Go. Go, my dove. Go.
- I'm talking to you, go!
It's the right thing to do.
- If you see our people, bow to them.
Tell them hello, from Fokich.
- Fedarenko, Let her pass.
- Well, your honour, you ask
your questions and quick
В огне брода нет В огне брода нет

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