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В огне брода нет

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- Wrong eyes!
- Yes, wrong.
- Why are you not a Komsomolka?
- I don't know.
- "Don't know". Well you get ready!
- When we get to Sergeevski
I'll give you a recommendation.
- "Wrong eyes".
- It's difficult for me Tanka,
- I've gone stale here.
- I need to go to the front.
Into the fire.
- And who's the Commissar?
- Who? Fokich.
- I've put in for a transfer.
- And?
- They let me go.
- And what are we going to do?
Without you?
- So you've returned.
So you've returned.
- You're looking ok.
You've become prettier.
- Why'd you stop?
Am I worse than them then?
- Worse.
- Prizor! My darling! My darling!
- You know what, Tanka, you have
to decide. It's either him or me.
- This won't do.
- Alyosh, my god, you're my love.
- Go on.
- My love!
- Like it?
- Yeah, I like it.
- And who would you be?
- Me?
- Yeah.
- A painter. Understand?
- Listen girl, come here.
- Could you find something to eat?
- Go on, bring it over.
- One second.
- Sit down. Sit, sit.
- The porridge is ok,
only it's burnt a little.
- Put it down on the floor.
- What's your name, then?
- Tyotkina.
- What?
- Tanya Tyotkina.
- Would you like to paint, Tyotkina?
- Go paint...the frock.
- Well, go on Tyotkina.
A painter, you'll be.
- Go on, go on.
- And I've become a painter.
- A painter?
- That hurt? My darling fighter.
- Kol! Where are you going?
- I'm leaving Manka
- Why? - She's chewed me up.
Might as well hang myself.
- Not affectionate, she says.
What's she asking for, the fool.
- And where are you off to?
- To my newphew's. I'll stay
the winter...
-...and in the spring go home,
to my wife, my kids. Bye!
- Bye!
- Need to sow wheat.
- Tanya, listen...my best to Manka.
- To Manka, I'm saying, give my best.
- I left her some crackling on
the windowsill. Take care!
- Who's that? Well?
- Soon...
- What?
- Soon, I hope there's a worldwide
revolution soon. - What what?
- It's hard, the people are suffering.
I hope it comes soon.
- That's for you, drink.
- Well, how's it going?
- Not bad.
- And what's that?
- That? The sun.
- How's that the sun? It's a wheel.
- "Wheel". It's the sun.
- Nope.
- The sun.
- That's the Sun over there...
this isn't it.
- You don't understand anything
of our business, Fokich.
- Well, you don't get wise,
and draw it as is.
- Understand?
- I Understand.
- Listen Fokich. You mind your own
business, and don't meddle.
- I'm teaching her, I'm the painter.
- You're a painter, and I'm the Colonel.
- She's here.
- Let her wait.
A woman has to be patient.
- Alyosha!
- Get away from here
- Why have you dressed up in these rags?
- Where's the sweater?
- Sold it.
- And the money?
- What's that?
- Who's that for?
- You.
- Tell it to me straight.
You don't want to get married?
- I don't know. I'm afraid.
- Three days ago she gave me a scarf.
- But now a suit...
- I'm scared of her.
- Maybe she's sick?
- Who?
- She.
- Who's she?
- Tanka.
- She's a psycho.
Take my word for it, a psycho.
- OK Semenov, sleep.
- Believe me!
- Recently she brought me
three packs of tobacco.
- Frol Fokich, come here.
- What?
- Have a look at what she's doing.
- This is interesting,
by God, it's interesting.
- Draw, Tanka, draw.
- It's a good thing, but make sure
it's vigorous, in the Bolshevik spirit.
- You know Tyotkina, this is good.
- I'd even say I like it.
- You're not lying?
- I'm not.
- This is nothing.
- I'm going to paint a real painting
soon, that'll be something.
- What?
- A painting. Then you'll see.
- This is what? A trifle, child's play.
- Hear that? She'll do a painting soon.
- I will.
- Don't boast.
- Let's sit.
- When the war's over, I'll travel to
Moscow, become a technician.
- Alyosha.
- Stay out of trouble, will you?
- It's embarassing Tyotkina, embarassing.
- The Revolution's all around us,
and you...
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Here, I've written you down
some poems. Good poems.
В огне брода нет В огне брода нет

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