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В бой идут одни старики

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times over their heads.
I flew 4 times.
An arrogant general
sitting on a white horse there.
- You even saw his shoulder-straps?
- I was flying pretty low.
Vassily Vassilyevich, First's waiting.
- Don't see me off.
- Thank you.
Punch a hole for a decoration, Maestro.
Valya, give me Pop's "Kazbek"
I got Prokhorovka
on an aerial photograph.
I'll go to the lab and check it.
- How did the hosts receive you?
- All right.
But what the cheek!
Did you report everything,
my dear friend?
- Everything. Good tobacco.
- Yeah, good. And what then?
You won't believe it.
Like in an operetta.
The tanks, and that one on a white
horse waves to me like this...
And you?...
I waved to him once, too.
I had to punish him,
it's not 1941 now.
You were ordered
not to reveal yourself.
Ah, what the heck. Sitting like that
on a white horse, bastard...
I'll remind you of
that white horse yet.
- May I go?
- You mean you'll go like that?
- I don't understand.
- What's happened to people?
You're not going to invite
your comrade-in-arms and commander?
Invite where?
The whole regiment is rushing
to the second squadron now.
May I?
May I?
May I?
I meant to ask you.
Got you.
- Granny, let's dance.
- Not me!
we'll show them how to dance!
But they don't dance.
Why don't we dance?
We had our dance,
I guess, back in Spain.
Oh, no.
May I?
May I, Comrade Commander?
Did you see that?
They can't fly.
They can't shoot yet, either.
But they're real eagles!
Everybody come here.
All this is fine, but it's
just a consumers, cooperative.
Dear guests of the second squadron,
please come to our philharmonic hall.
Our singing second has another profile.
We believe that a song is like
Here's Zoya from Siberia, a stern and
mighty land. So are its songs.
A storm was raging, thundering...
Vano. Georgia. Mountains.
A Caucasian rhythm.
And I'm from Tauria, Southern Ukraine.
The prairies, as even as a table.
(speaks in Ukrainian)
It's Milky Way in Russian.
Our songs are as
endless as the prairie itself.
You understand it's not singing,
it's just a sketch of singing.
And now you'll hear
the best soloist
of the first Ukrainian,
the former Voronezh,
and the future soloist
of the Bolshoi Theatre...
- Very big.
- Very big theatre.
Senior Lieutenant Skvortsov!
(speaks in Ukrainian)
Cancelled for technical reasons.
Don't you let me down.
The season's first.
Don't have an harp - Take a tambourine.
Start'er up!
In the summer, in the morning,
At a garden I dropped once.
There's a girl, a Moldavian darkie,
She was gathering the grapes.
I'm blushing, I'm paling,
I'm about to suggest:
"Let's go to the river
To watch summer dawn at its best. "
Curly maple,
leaves so intricately cut,
By love smitten, I'm standing
all distraught.
Curly maple, so bushy a maple,
Its leaves so beautifully cut!
And the girl, the Moldavian darkie,
Told the boy all at once:
"We're forming in Moldavia
A detachment of partisans.
Our men have left their homes
Early on, before the dawn.
So go to the partisans,
To the woods you go on. "
Curly maple,
leaves so intricately cut,
Here, by the maple, you and I
will have to part.
Curly maple, so bushy a maple,
Its leaves so beautifully cut!
Comrade Guards Major, may I
address Comrade Captain?
You may.
Good evening.
Comrade Captain, while some
were doing la-la-la here,
the 1st squadron have got everything
for the repair of your cruiser.
Got out hands on
all the needed part.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Good boys, our first squadron.
When it comes to downing the Messers,
it's the second squadron job to do,
but as to getting things, it's the 1st
Curly maple,
leaves so intricately cut.
Hello, darling,
now we'll never have to part!
Curly maple, so bushy a maple,
Its leaves so beautifully cut!
Comrade Regiment Commander,
the U-2 is ready.
Thank you.
- Start'er up.
- Yes!
В бой идут одни старики В бой идут одни старики

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