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В богатстве, в бедности

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's food
on that table, you can eat it.
As long as we have
a roof, you can sleep under it.
But anything you want
or need more than that,
you supply the money,
okay, understood?
There's Joey.
I'll see you later. Bye, Mom.
Have a good time
and don't forget your key.
Millie, that dinner was delicious.
It was just delicious.
And I was afraid
you'd forgotten how to cook.
I know.
Isn't it wonderful?
After all these years, I haven't
forgotten how to cook or sweep floors
or wash windows
or do laundry or scrub toilets.
Isn't it wonderful?
I'm sorry.
It must be very hard for you.
And that's another thing I haven't
forgotten how to do...
You making breakfast
in the kitchen,
me going out
to look for a job
and having no idea
how to pay next month's rent...
life is an adventure again.
I feel 20 years old.
I wish I could feel
20 years old.
You'll always be
20 years old.
- You do like me without the mustache?
- Very much.
- I missed your nostrils.
- I think it's important.
I want to look as young
as possible when I'm applying for jobs.
- Michael up yet?
- No, I haven't seen him.
Get up, Michael.
- Hey. Michael.
- What's the matter?
Sorry. I'm on the way
to the employment agency.
I thought maybe you'd
like to go with me.
Oh, yeah
yeah, right.
I really got to bed late.
Why don't you go alone?
I'll go later
this afternoon.
Well, the thing is
with an employment agency,
it's better to get there
early in the morning.
Get first crack
at those new jobs.
- Afternoon's not so good.
- Yeah yeah, you're right.
That makes sense.
I'd better wait
till tomorrow.
Hey, good luck.
- Michael.
- Yeah.
The other day when I said that
we weren't rich anymore,
you put your arm
around me and you said, "We'll get by."
What exactly
did you mean by that?
I meant you'll find a way
to make us rich again.
Mr. Katourian, age?
59... 5.
Previous job experience?
When I was younger,
I did everything.
I sold insurance,
drove trucks,
did dishes,
you name it.
What was your most
recent employment?
Actually, chairman
of the board of a company.
We don't get a lot
of calls for that.
No, of course not.
Chairman of the board.
I'll take anything you got.
I'm just looking for work.
Approximate earnings
last year.
Oh, tough one.
What with stock
dividends and bonuses...
Ballpark figure.
Ballpark... three mil.
Well, 3.2.
Obviously, I'm not expecting
to earn anywhere near that much.
That does
make it easier.
Hey, man, do me a favor.
Don't have such a nice day.
Minimum wage, of course,
but it paid for supper.
Oh, the other interview I had,
that is very promising.
This fella is starting
an express delivery service downtown,
like in Manhattan,
you know, on bicycles,
so you can get through
the traffic fast.
Salary plus a dollar
a delivery and tips.
Anyhow, with that, plus three,
four nights a week at the car wash,
and then on Saturdays,
a shoe store.
They need extra help.
With those three jobs,
plus what you're gonna bring in,
I think we can meet expenses each week,
- put a little away for the business.
- What business?
I don't know,
but it'll be good.
Just like I came up with the health
food supermarkets 20 years ago.
I'll come up with right idea,
and I will make it a reality.
Why not the food business?
You already know it.
Exactly, I know it and I've done it.
That's no challenge, dear.
Michael, give me
a cookie, please.
Hey, Dad, going through
what you did,
I mean losing
everything like that,
yet refusing to be
beat, hanging tough...
well, I just think
you're terrific.
You're terrific
too, Michael.
You just haven't had a chance
to find out how terrific you are.
I don't know. Your drive,
your determination,
- I don't seem to have any of that.
- Oh, you have it.
It's in our blood.
Trust me.
Okay, well, I guess
I'd better get to bed early
if I'm gonna be the first
В богатстве, в бедности В богатстве, в бедности

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