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В богатстве, в бедности

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known him.
- Me too.
- Yeah.
He was about your age
when he left his village in Turkey.
Everybody thought
he was crazy.
They said those rumors
of what's happening to other Armenians
in the other villages,
that couldn't possibly be true.
No no. Murdering
an entire people?
Oh, that's impossible.
That man knew that in this world
anything is possible.
Every situation
is different.
A man has to size up
each individual situation
and then act
accordingly, right?
And no matter what
anybody else thinks.
He took his wife
and his two small children
and he got out.
One month later,
that village didn't even exist.
Smart fella.
Well, he liked
to think things through.
If he hadn't,
you and I wouldn't be here.
A man has to think
things through for himself.
Well, this man is thinking
he ought to get some sleep.
Gotta get up early.
Tennis date at 11:00.
Oh, yeah, well,
you sleep well, my son.
- I love you, Michael.
- I love you, Dad.
- And they love you, too.
- And I love them. Good night.
Oh, Albar,
you saved this
family's life.
I'll save its soul.
Most of the money
I gave to various charities.
Some I decided to dispose of in a more
personal manner.
It's for you.
You were that guy who came around
here giving away that money?
- Yeah.
- I know people who got some of that.
- That was you?
- Yeah.
- You gave it all away?
- Yeah.
- You asshole.
- Yeah.
I think most people
would agree with you.
Now I can't believe
that I did it,
but at that time,
it certainly seemed logical.
- Every last cent?
- Every last cent.
Aram, that's the most
insane thing I've ever heard.
- Just to force your kid to get a job?
- Oh yeah.
Couldn't you just kick
him out of the house?
No! He knows his
father would never let him starve.
Took away
his incentive.
I'm restoring
that incentive.
Couldn't you have stashed your money
in a bank and not told him?
Well, yeah, but...
the truth is I'm not doing it
just for Michael.
See, I've got
other reasons.
I'm bored.
The greatest pleasure
in life is becoming a success.
Being a success is crap
compared to it.
I'm giving myself a chance
to do that twice in a lifetime.
I see, and how's Millie
supposed to react
when you come home tonight,
you throw your arms up
and say, "Honey, I'm home.
We're poor!"
Don't you think you maybe
should have consulted her?
Yeah, but I couldn't,
you see?
I want Michael to think
that I've lost all my money.
If I tell that to Millie,
she's gonna give it away
because she's
a lousy liar.
- Oh, then it serves her right.
- But I did it for her, too.
- She's the third reason.
- Ah, Katourian's law.
By making Millie
a pauper,
you're restoring her
to a rich and full sex life.
- Exactly.
- I hope she's properly grateful.
It's not just the sex.
Before we were rich,
Millie's life had purpose.
Just as my money ruined my son,
it ruined her too.
I'm giving Millie back a reason
for living, a sense of importance.
By making her a pauper?
Oh, come on.
Millie's gonna be okay.
She won't starve
to death as long as I'm around.
Aram, what if
you're not around?
What if something should happen
to you while you're between fortunes?
You think I didn't
think of that?
I prepaid my insurance premiums
for the next 10 years.
I think of everything.
It's the deed
to the condo.
Aram, you didn't
have to do this.
Yes, I did. I won't be able to afford
the rent anymore.
May be a while
before I can bring
the sort of gifts
I used to.
May I still come
and see you?
Aram, yes, of course
you can still come see me.
Thank you.
- Have a good day.
- Thanks. You too.
Michael, would you
come downstairs, please?
- Hello, Millie.
- Hello, Aram.
Would you sit down?
We have to talk.
- What is it?
- Let's wait till Michael gets here.
Hey, Dad, what's up?
Michael, sit down.
I, uh...
I've some bad news,
very bad news.
- Oh my God. Somebody died.
- No.
- You sure nobody died?
В богатстве, в бедности В богатстве, в бедности

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