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В богатстве, в бедности

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in that dingy
little apartment in Hollywood, huh?
- Oh yeah.
- You remember that I worked
at my uncle's dried-fruit stand
during the day,
and I sold insurance
at night, trying to get ahead
- and make ends meet.
- I remember. You worked very hard.
When I would sell a policy,
and I'd make, what, $70, $80,
do you remember how
we would celebrate? Huh, huh?
I'd call you up, and I would say,
"Hey, don't cook."
I'd pick up Chinese food
at that little joint on Western Avenue.
I'd bring it home, and we'd lie down
on the living room floor,
watch "Bewitched"
on television
and we'd eat
the Chinese food.
Then we'd make love.
Oh, God, do you
remember how good
that $70 or $80
made us feel?
I remember.
Today, I made
$2 million.
And when I told you
about it, you said, "Isn't that nice?"
Well, I was busy
getting ready.
I think it's wonderful
what you did with the stock thing.
- The stock thing.
- We're late.
I'm not criticizing
your reaction, Millie.
God, it's perfectly
"Isn't that nice?"
It's not even nice.
It's just numbers.
You know, numbers
in a bank account.
That $70, $80.
That really meant something.
A pair of shoes,
a new dress.
Down payment
on a refrigerator, huh?
Oh, God, the $70, $80.
That wasn't nice.
That was wonderful.
And that made Millie
proud of me, you know?
- Made her want me.
- Want you?
You know the last time
that Millie and I made love?
I don't think I was there.
I probably would have remembered.
Four months ago.
We've done it maybe 12 times
in the last two years.
And even then,
it's like a ceremony, you know?
Just going through
the motions.
God, Irene, I wish
I could tell you
how good Millie
used to be at sex.
- Even better than you.
- Oh, that good?
Aram, you really
think your money
has anything to do
with Millie's sex drive?
You've heard the phrase
"Power is an aphrodisiac."
It applies to marriages,
A poor man has tremendous
power over his wife. She needs him.
Without his support,
her, the kids,
they're gonna starve.
She humps the hell out of him.
The richer a man is, the less
his wife is dependent upon him,
the less power he
has over her,
and the less sexy he becomes to her.
It's a law of nature.
Horniness equals dependence
times poverty squared.
Oh, God.
When I'd bring that
$70, $80 home, Irene,
I was so happy.
I mean, I knew what I was working for.
I knew what I wanted to get.
Aram, you wanted to
get where you are now.
Yeah yeah.
I wanted to get
where I am now.
I struggled
to get there
and it was a noble,
worthwhile struggle.
Now I'm there.
I'm there, but all I can
think of is how good
that Chinese food
used to taste.
You see what I mean?
My life was screwed up.
My son's life, screwed up.
My relationship
with my wife, screwed up.
Everything screwed up
because of my money.
Yes, I see your problem.
Boy, I wish I had it.
Why make more money?
Money was my enemy.
Manager to register four, please.
The answer was obvious.
You wanna liquidate everything?
Sell the entire business.
All my shares, everything.
Why? You love this business.
I didn't think you'd retire
if you lived to be 100.
- I'm not retiring.
- Are you sick?
- I've never felt more alive.
- Well, why?
I have my reasons, Stuart. I want
everything sold within in one week.
A week?
No, can't be done.
You try and unload all those shares
that fast, the bottom will fall out.
Just sell for whatever price
you can get.
- It's all going to charities anyway.
- Charities?
And, Stuart, not one
word to anybody.
Those are my instructions.
Just sell everything
and one week from today, I want to see
a cashier's check on my desk.
- It won't be your desk anymore.
- Exactly.
- Michael.
- Dad.
- Yeah.
- You're up late.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, fine. Nice party?
Yeah, okay.
That's good. I was just standing
here thinking about
your great-grandfather
I wish you had
В богатстве, в бедности В богатстве, в бедности

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