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В богатстве, в бедности

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It could be that you're just not cut
out for the healing arts.
I don't think so.
Ever give any
thought to law?
Oh, what a magnificent
I don't know.
I hate the idea of taking sides.
- Advertising, advertising.
- Advertising?
Your Uncle Sam
has a lot of agency contacts.
I'm sure he'd be glad to help
you get started.
Getting people to buy things they
don't want, don't need and can't afford?
I couldn't live
with myself.
After that I spent a few
days near Lake Balaton.
It's in Hungary.
It's truly magnificent.
You should go
when you have a chance.
That sounds very nice.
- Let's see, 15% of $52.
- About eight bucks.
Accounting. You were
always good at math.
Not really.
Only compared to my other grades.
Besides, being cooped up
in an office all day
helping rich people
cheat on their taxes...
Well, maybe you'd rather work outdoors.
There's nothing wrong with that.
A lot of our people are still in
the wine business around Fresno.
Nah, just doesn't
interest me.
Come on, Michael. Now there has
to be something in this world
that you want
to do, something.
I guess I'm doing it.
Yeah yeah.
- Still awake?
- Yeah yeah, I'm up. I'm up.
I have to talk
a little bit more.
These past months,
see, I was assuming
that you were trying
to figure out what sort of career
you wanted to pursue,
which was fine by me.
You take all
the time you need.
It never occurred to me that you might
be considering no career at all.
I mean, that's hard
for me to take in.
I can't conceive
of life without work.
I have to work.
Dad, I guess if you
have to, you have to.
Well, it's not just a matter of having
to work, you see?
The fact that I
started with nothing
and through hard work
was able to achieve what I have,
can you imagine
what a satisfaction,
what a joy
that is to me?
Someday I want you
to feel that joy, too.
How can I?
- What do you mean?
- Thanks to you,
I'm starting
with everything.
The light.
Yes, okay.
Well, we've just gotten
the initial reports
on the over-the-counter
dealings in New York.
- What happened?
- Well, do you remember
when you first approached
my firm about handling
the initial public
offering of Katourian stock?
I told you then I thought that
the first day it was listed
it would rise a little,
close around 41, 411/8.
- Yes.
- Well, I'm afraid I was wrong.
It just closed
at 443/8.
Mr. Katourian, on the shares you hold,
you made a profit today
- of approximately...
- Never mind approximately.
That's $2,231,250.
You're very good
with numbers.
Not numbers, just dollars.
Come here, Mark.
Stuart told me that
you were a very bright young man.
Now if you don't mind
my asking, how did you get started
in your profession?
Was your father in finance?
- No no, he wasn't.
- Ah, what did he do?
What did he do?
Well, my father was
a thief and a drunk.
And when I was 10,
he ran out on my mother and me
and left us
without a cent.
You have no idea
how lucky you are.
- Hello, Millie.
- Hi. You're late.
Hurry and change.
We have the arthritis benefit tonight.
Oh, no,
we have to go?
I'm on the committee.
You're on the committee.
Okay, dear, okay.
Everything all right?
Yes, fine.
Oh, fine. We made
a public offering of our stock today.
It sold out in one hour.
I made over $2 million.
Isn't that nice?
Do you like these?
Yeah, they're lovely.
Yeah, they're lovely.
Hey, didn't we go
to an arthritis benefit just last week?
No, that was
multiple sclerosis.
Rodney Dangerfield
entertained, remember?
I thought Rodney Dangerfield
was leukemia.
No no, Barry Manilow
was leukemia.
I could have sworn
that Rodney Dangerfield was leukemia.
Last year Rodney Dangerfield
was leukemia.
This year he's
multiple sclerosis.
What is it?
Is it Michael?
No, not just that.
I was thinking of something else.
Like what?
Well, like, you remember
when we were first married,
В богатстве, в бедности В богатстве, в бедности

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