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В богатстве, в бедности

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- I'll try to keep him quiet.
- Thanks, Dad.
Price check on four,
Young man, could you
tell me which melon is the ripest?
I think you'll find
this is the sweet one.
The texture is nice
and rough,
and you can even hear
a little liquid.
- It should be just right.
- Thank you. You do your job very well.
Well, thank you,
Mr. Katourian.
- I should have worn the false eyebrows.
- No, I saw you
rearranging the tomatoes
when you thought no one was looking.
I'd heard stories about you.
I put two and two together.
- What's your name?
- Steve Harrison.
Steve, you're a very
bright young man, Steve.
I think maybe you're ready to handle
a more responsible position.
- The Northridge branch...
- That's very kind of you.
But I'm leaving next week.
I'm going back to school.
I just took a semester off
to earn some money.
- What are you studying?
- Architecture.
Oh, architecture,
that's a wonderful field.
Well, I'm sure you'll succeed
at whatever you do.
- Thank you.
- Good luck, Steve.
I'll bet your parents are very
proud of you.
I hope so.
Price check from produce,
What's he doing?
He's by the pool.
What could be going on
in the boy's head?
He's been out of college
for six months.
There's not been
one word about a job.
What's he wanna be,
a bum all his life?
I have to speak
to him, don't I?
Yes, Aram,
you really should.
God, it's so hard.
We get along
so well,
and I am terrified
of spoiling that.
God, I love that boy
so much, Millie.
He loves you too,
and he won't stop loving you
just because you tell
him how you feel.
- Thank you so much.
- Good night.
Dad, you would have been proud
the way I got it out of that sand-trap.
- Why get in the sand?
- It was there.
- This is great, huh?
- Mmm-hmm.
Mom was gonna have
an early supper
before she joined her bridge group.
I said, "Oh, no.
No no no, Michael and I, thank you,
are gonna eat out."
We'll have a real
boys' night out, huh?
- Right.
- Yeah.
This reminds me of that commercial.
I know you've seen it.
I think it's a beer commercial.
Anyhow, the father and son,
they're sitting at a table
in a restaurant like this,
and they're
celebrating something.
Yeah, like, the son
got a great new job.
He passed the bar exam.
It was something like that.
It had a nice warm
feeling to it, you know?
And they were eating
these big thick juicy steaks,
and they were each
holding a mug of beer.
- Hi, can I get you something to drink?
- I'll have a Heineken.
I'll have a pina colada.
Your mother asked
me the other day,
do I know anything
about your plans for a career.
- Oh, yeah?
- Mothers mothers mothers.
They always gotta
worry about something, don't they?
I said, "Hey, Millie,
he's gonna make his
own mind up in his own time,
and then he will go out
and he will do it.
And there is no need
to even discuss it."
That's what I told her.
I told her.
One thing I do want
you to know, though.
Whatever you do
decide on, I am behind it 100%.
- Thanks, Dad.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I'm not one of those
fathers that says,
"Hey, you have to follow
in my footsteps," or any of that.
Whatever you want
to do, you know?
You want to be, a what,
a lawyer, a stockbroker,
a deep sea diver?
Okay, whatever.
That is what
I want for you.
You're your own man.
I was wondering about
one thing, though,
and that is if you were leaning
in any particular direction.
I know you've given this a lot
of thought, and if maybe you might
have narrowed
it down a little,
like business as opposed
to a profession.
- No, not really.
- Not really, no.
Well, I just wanted
to get a general idea,
you know, or like,
medicine, let's say.
You know, a veterinarian
or a psychoanalyst, a surgeon.
- Anything like that?
- Nothing like that.
Do you remember in biology
when I had to dissect a frog?
I threw up right
in the middle of the class.
В богатстве, в бедности В богатстве, в бедности

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