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В богатстве, в бедности

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What I spy
with my little eye,
I do not like,
Mr. Macrae.
- Problem?
- Yes, a problem.
A problem with the supervision
of this supermarket.
Do you follow baseball,
Mr. Macrae?
- A little.
- Strike one.
I asked a clerk
in the vegetable section,
"Where are the fresh
Without looking up, he said,
"Three aisles over to your left."
In a Katourian market,
when a customer asks
the location of an item,
what should happen?
The employee should personally
take the customer
to the desired item.
I tell the staff regularly
- that it's their job...
- Strike two.
I had to wait behind five customers
at the checkout counter.
At a Katourian
checkout counter,
what happens when three
or more customers form a line?
Another counter is opened. The
vegetables arrived late this morning.
- I told the staff...
- How are eggs bagged, Mr. Macrae?
Always on top of the bag,
of course.
Staff knows that.
Otherwise, they get broken.
Would you find the eggs
in that bag, please?
Strike three.
Mr. Katourian...
Mr. Macrae I do not procure the finest
organically grown eggs
from the finest organically grown
chickens so that my customers
can find an organically grown mess
at the bottom of their shopping bags.
Go ahead.
- Yes.
- Is Mr. Katourian there?
Yes, he's here.
- Hello.
- Aram.
- Oh, yes, Millie.
- Michael called.
- Oh, he did, Michael called?
- I just talked to him.
- Where from?
- The airport.
The airport here in LA?
He's home?
- Yes.
- Tell him to wait there, I'll get him.
- No, he's taking a taxi.
- He's okay? He sounds all right?
- He's fine.
- Good, I'll be right home.
Macrae, keep up
the good work.
Yes, sir.
- Good disguise, huh?
- One of your best.
Oh, Michael, oh!
There he is!
Hey, wave at the camera.
Wave at the camera!
- Face the camera.
- Dad! Hi, Dad!
- Hi, Dad!
- Still going, still going.
There we go.
It's so good to see you, son.
Hey, this is Bob.
Dad, Mom... Bob.
Do me a favor.
Could you hold that camera there?
Get on that side.
Here we go.
Point it at us.
That's it.
Up a little, I think. Can you see
all three? Okay. There we go.
Wonder if Michael gave any thought
to a career while he was away.
Why didn't you ask him?
I didn't want
to pressure him.
You know,
first night home.
I didn't want him to feel like he's
gotta get up tomorrow
and start looking
for a job.
Very important decision
what a young man does with his life.
I don't wanna
push him.
Yes, sir.
Again, the pool.
He was there when I went to work
this morning.
He didn't spend
all day lying there, did he?
No, he had a friend
over and they played some tennis.
Tennis, good.
It's funny.
I can't understand it.
I mean,
it's been 10 days.
When I was his age,
I had three jobs.
I was taking
a night course
in business
knocking myself out trying to get
somewhere in the world.
You should talk to him.
You never talk to him.
Hey, this has
to come from him.
If he wants to try
to make something of himself,
it has to be because
he wanted to do it.
And he will.
That I know.
You want him
to be like you, Aram?
No, I don't want him
to be like me.
I just don't want him
to be like him.
- Hey!
- Hey, Dad, how you doing?
Fine fine.
How are you doing?
- Great.
- Good.
- Good party last night?
- That was the night before.
Went to a concert
last night with my friend Linda.
- Oh, Linda. Rock concert, right.
- Yeah.
Party was okay.
Concert was a little disappointing.
That's too bad.
And a baseball game
No no, change of plans. Some friends
are going to The Comedy Store.
- They asked me to go.
- Busy busy busy.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Dad, what time is it?
- 6:00
I think I'll go in
and take a nap for an hour
before I get dressed.
Kinda sleepy.
Got to bed late
last night, huh?
Yeah, then Shaggy
woke me up at 6:00 in the morning.
I couldn't get
back to sleep.
Yeah, he always barks
when I'm driving away.
В богатстве, в бедности В богатстве, в бедности

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