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В богатстве, в бедности

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understand that. Your wife running
off with the ball player.
If it had at least been
a real good ball player... you know?
I mean, your woman leaves you
for George Brett
or Don Mattingly,
you kind of understand.
But this guy never batted
over 260 in his career.
Couldn't hit an
inside slider if his life
depended on it,
and his fielding...
I understand. The man is not gonna
make the Hall of Fame.
Anyway, I was really
feeling low,
and I happened to pass
by this restaurant.
I thought to myself,
"Okay, maybe I'll go inside.
I might have a nice dinner.
I'll feel a little better"
And darned
if it didn't work!
The food was terrific,
I had some really nice wine,
and when I finished,
I really felt better.
You know, like the world
wasn't such a terrible place after all.
And I felt grateful.
I wanted
to thank somebody
for the terrific meal I had that just
cheered me up so much.
But who?
Who would you thank?
I don't know,
the waiter, the chef.
Them? Sure,
but they're not the only ones.
What about the people
who wash the dishes?
What about the people
who sweep up?
Or the cocktail pianist?
What about the fisherman
who caught the fish I ate?
The farmer who grew
the lettuce,
the people who picked
the grapes for the wine?
What about the miner
who dug out the silver for the cutlery?
I mean, if you add them all up,
thousands of people
worked to make that meal
I enjoyed so much possible.
- Pepper?
- Thank you.
That's what work is.
Doing something
that makes life a little bit nicer
for other people.
You can't just go through life
without doing something
back for them.
I mean, Dad, it's not right.
So on my way out,
I asked the maitre d'
if they had any job openings...
here I am.
Working as a waiter?
A person has to work.
I know that!
I've always
known that, Michael.
Aram, you don't seem
to understand.
Michael had to prove to himself
that he wasn't you.
Work for you is everything,
so for him it had to be nothing.
- Now, he was dumb.
- She's right, I was dumb.
Well, you both were dumb.
I wish I had some special ability
or a talent in some field,
but if I have,
I haven't found it yet,
and maybe I never will.
I'm sorry if I haven't
turned out the way you wanted, Dad.
I'm sorry if I'm not
the son you wanted,
but this is me.
I think your dinner
should be ready now.
If all the fathers
of all the people
that ever won
a Nobel prize
were here tonight,
every one of them
would envy the way I feel
about my son right now.
Sir, if you are pleased
with our service,
a simple gratuity
would suffice.
I have to go
to the Palisades today.
I have this tax appeal
on the new shop.
- I'll see you tonight for dinner.
- All right, dear.
- So what are you gonna be doing today?
- I think I'll play
tennis with Michael and then maybe
go to the track with Walter.
- Okay, I'll see you tonight.
- Okay, bye-bye.
- Bye, Mom, have a good day.
- Goodbye, sweetheart.
Hi Dad, I'm sorry I can't play tennis.
I gotta get to work.
- Why so early?
- Oh, it's chaos.
Two busboys quit the restaurant.
We're short of staff.
Maybe I should apply for a job there,
get to work again.
You do work.
You handle my investments.
Oh, a couple
of phone calls a week.
Yeah, whatever.
My money's earning twice as much.
By the way, are you
all right for cash?
I told you,
when I need I'll ask.
- Yeah, but you never do.
- Oh Lord.
- I'll see you later
- All right, kid, bye.
Oh, Michael.
Do you ever stop and think
that while you're running around
every day in that restaurant
carrying those heavy trays
in and out of that steamy kitchen,
I'm just sitting by your pool,
drinking your booze,
eating your food,
in general having one hell of a time
with your money?
Yeah, sometimes I think
about that.
How does that
make you feel?
I love it.
I'll see you later.
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В богатстве, в бедности

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