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В богатстве, в бедности

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containing only some money
wrapped in a blank sheet of paper
could be called a letter,
but thank you for the money.
It's not much, I know,
but whenever I had
any to spare...
it was nice
you thought of me.
It would have been nice
if I had known
what you were doing.
Nothing really
worth talking about.
I'd find a job
of some kind,
make a little money,
and then quit the job, relax a bit,
move on somewhere else,
take another job, and so on.
It's hard for me
to picture you
ever relaxing.
What did you do
when you weren't working?
Sit in a park
and feed a pigeon.
Read a book.
Visit a zoo,
Grand Canyon.
What about you?
Isn't Michael
taking care of you?
- Why are you still working?
- I enjoy it.
The boss
treat you okay?
Aram, I am the boss.
Oh, isn't that
Michael bought this
for you?
No no, I never
took money from Michael.
I wanted
to look after myself.
- Then how...
- I have a partner
who put up
the initial investment.
- Oh, is it anybody I know?
- Oh yes.
What's going on here?
Oh, don't worry.
It's not "This is Your Life."
- How...
- After you left,
and I didn't hear
a thing for two months,
I didn't know if you were alive,
so I went to see Irene
- to see if she knew anything.
- You knew about Irene?
I knew about Irene.
How long?
Oh, a few years.
You never said
a word to me.
The night
before I got married
my grandmother
came to my room.
She told me
there were three things
even God
could not create...
a floor
that would stay clean,
a baby
that would stay dry
and a husband
that would stay faithful.
Very wise,
your grandmother.
Anyway, when I didn't hear from you,
I went to see Irene.
And she was as worried as I was,
and we started talking
and we found
we liked each other.
We agreed you had
excellent taste in women.
One day
I invited her over
to the apartment for coffee
and I baked my cherry strudel.
- Oh, it was incredible!
- I know.
Oh yeah, of course.
And Irene got the idea
of opening up a shop.
I took out a mortgage on the condo,
and here we are.
The shop is doing well?
We have branches
in Westwood, Encino,
we're opening another
in Pacific Palisades,
and there's a group of investors
talking to us
about opening a national
franchise operation.
I wanted to make a man
of my son, not my wife.
Aram, why did you
come back?
Pick up the invoice
for me, will you?
It occurred to me
that you might want
to end the marriage formally.
So I'm here to do
whatever you want me to do.
That's very considerate.
Is there...
anyone in your life
right now?
No no, not really.
Every time I start
to think about someone,
an envelope would come
from Buffalo or Wichita
with $15 or $20 in it,
and l...
it confused the issue.
Is there anyone
in your...
No, it's okay.
You can ask her.
Ask me what?
Is there anyone
in your life?
Yes, there is,
an actor.
Been in anything
I've seen?
Just my bedroom.
He's a lot younger than I am,
and he's poor.
I find the combination
Irene, we have to hurry.
Oh, Millie,
how is Michael?
Oh, he's fine.
Look, Irene and I have to meet
the architects at the new shop.
Here's my home address.
Come over to the house
for dinner about 6:00 and we'll talk.
Oh good, yeah.
Well, I'm very happy
things are working out
- so well for both of you.
- In a way, we owe it all to you.
Millie and I never would have met
if you hadn't been
the rotten cheating
bastard that you are.
- Uh-huh.
- See you at 6:00.
Heather, we'll be back
in a few hours.
Oh okay, Mrs. Katourian.
Hi, Millie.
All this
from cherry strudel?
Oh, this isn't mine.
I'm just renting the guest house
until I can find
a place of my own.
I was planning
to cook dinner,
but I didn't have any time to shop,
so if you don't mind,
- I thought we'd eat out.
- Good, fine.
Tell me about Michael.
Is he happy?
What did you say?
Michael and his new bride,
are they happy
В богатстве, в бедности В богатстве, в бедности

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