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В богатстве, в бедности

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could break her.
- No, she's really rich.
Her father was GK Talbot,
the tire manufacturer.
You remember, he and his wife
died in that plane crash
a couple of years ago.
Linda was left with everything.
Over $300 million.
And she just decided
to give you 200,000?
Well, it's
an engagement gift.
Oh, Michael.
Like Linda said, you can't expect
someone in her position
to just go out
and marry a pauper.
Okay, she wanted me to have the money
so I'd feel independent.
God, she's really terrific.
When you're feeling a little better,
we'll have dinner so you
could get to know her.
- Michael, do you really love her?
- Yeah, Mom, I really do.
We hadn't planned on getting married
for a couple of years,
but now it seems
to make sense.
Tomorrow morning
I'm gonna start looking
for a new place
for you guys.
- Maybe a condo and a car.
- Oh, Aram.
And Dad, Linda says
whatever business
you wanna get started,
she will back you financially.
You see?
Everything's gonna be great again.
When he first walked in
I thought you had a job.
Are you kidding? I'll never have
to work as long as I live.
Oh, yeah, good.
So far you've lived
off your father,
now you can live off your wife.
Dad, come on.
Money is money.
If it's there,
why not enjoy it?
He's a bum.
Millie, our son is a bum.
- Aram.
- He's a bum. He's a bum!
Is everybody
who doesn't work a bum?
Is Prince Charles a bum?
Yes, Prince Charles
is a bum!
Never done a day's work
in his life!
If I was his mother,
I'd throw him out of the palace!
And that is exactly what I'm doing
to you. I'm throwing you
out of my palace!
Now this may not be much of a palace,
but oh God, every penny
that pays for it, I earned it!
And I want you
out of it!
You get out of it.
You get out of my life.
Damn it.
Excuse me.
No, that's okay.
Let that out. It's healthy.
- Want a cigarette?
- I quit.
Yeah, I should too.
Smoking is stupid.
It's suicide.
No offense.
No offense taken.
So, you and your son
ever get back together again?
Oh God,
months went by, terrible months.
Aram, don't worry.
We'll try again later.
Oh, it's no use.
Same thing with Millie
for a couple of weeks now.
My son and my thing...
I can't get either one to work.
How is Michael?
Have you seen him?
The wedding was last month.
Millie went.
You didn't?
To witness my only son's
manhood being amputated?
Thank you, no.
But you're feeling
okay, right?
- Your back's better, your leg?
- Yeah, everything's fine.
- You're able to work?
- Huh?
Yeah, I'm well enough.
The guy at the bicycle
delivery service
made me a dispatcher.
I sit at a desk
all day long.
- Does it pay anything?
- Well, we scrape by.
I went on some interviews
for jobs that pay better,
and nothing
seemed to happen.
And I don't know why.
I used to be able
to make things happen,
and I cannot
make things happen now.
And what's worse is,
it's beginning
not to bother me.
I'm content to sit
at a desk
and just answer a telephone
for $200 a week.
If I were
half the man I was,
I would be raging
at my failure.
No rage left in me.
- Hi Aram.
- Hi dear.
Mmm, what smells so good?
I have a roast
in the oven.
- Cherry strudel?
- Uh-huh, and I have
a Crown Royal over there.
Pour yourself a drink.
Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes.
Where'd the money come from?
Did Michael...
No, I promised you
I wouldn't take from Michael.
- Then where?
- You know Anita, Mrs. Villalobos
down the hall?
She had the flu today.
She cleans for this
lady in the valley.
This lady had a party last night,
and she needed somebody real bad,
- and Anita asked me if I would go.
- And you went?
- You cleaned another woman's house?!
- Oh, it wasn't hard.
I earned $45,
and while I was there,
this other lady,
this neighbor,
she needed someone to come in
and clean three times a week,
- so I said I would.
- Oh Millie.
Aram, if you don't
want me to, I won't,
but it would
В богатстве, в бедности В богатстве, в бедности

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