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You may put out your tongue,
it won't notice it.
Only your voice, its sound,
is what matters.
You can scare a horse
by saying nice things angrily
or leave it unimpressed scolding it
in a soft voice.
But who wins the race -
the horse or the jockey?
It's like a game of cards:
one can play well,
and another's just lucky.
How can you train
my friend's girl,
taking advantage of his absence?
You can have this privilege.
What privilege?
The privilege of taking advantage
of his absence.
The privilege?
No, that's not for me.
The man wants to win a woman
in a fair combat.
Spoiling for a fight, eh?
Do you think I was given
a fair judgement last time?
You mean when I "hit the nose"?
I just didn't want to tire Musket
before the coming race.
I could've made a length.
The turf gonna be too small
for the two of us next time.
Is it a threat? D'ye mean
to push me beyond the flag?
I'll see that you swallow dust.
You will, if your black boy
becomes brown.
- Want a bet?
- Whatever you want.
A wager on Violetta.
The loser loses her anyway.
As you like.
Answer me: is it a deal?
It's a deal.
But why involve the horses?
The horses are above it.
The horses are special.
Your friend who's in hospital now and
whose girl she is, realizes this.
None of your Gypsy ways here.
Hold the reins in both hands.
You weren't sure you'd win
and kept in the shadow.
You waved your hand in a theatrical
manner, but you weren't sure.
I was sure I'd win, that's why
I kept in the shadow.
I wanted to spare the horse,
observe the situation
and let them fight among themselves
in adverse conditions.
What do you mean, adverse conditions?
For instance, to overtake them
before the hill.
- It was a flat terrain.
- That only seemed so.
- You know my name?
- Yes. It's Nikolayev.
I had a plan. They'd try to
overtake me on that hill
and thus would exhaust themselves.
Then I'd let them overtake me
and relax a little while.
And then I'd put on a spurt downhill
and fly past the stands
without using my whip.
And you'd be hailed
and greeted rapturously, right?
But it didn't work, did it?
Kasyanov had outsmarted me.
It's the same as in the circus -
and so different.
Because there's electricity there
and the sun here.
No. Here you begin everything
from scratch every day.
- Like in real life.
- This is real life!
Don't you think
I am saddle fast?
Yes, but arch your back,
stretch your shoulders!
A jockey should feel
to be part of the horse.
- Want a pass to the circus?
- I never go to the circus!
Where is the easy and graceful
seat of the old-time riders?
Teachers can no longer teach,
and pupils acquire bad habits
right away.
I never go to the circus. I'd rather
ride a horse on the merry-go-round.
Don't you want to see
my new turn?
Fat horses galloping indoors
is a miserable sight.
The circus is an ancient art.
All nations like the circus.
None of your Gypsy ways!
Hold the reins in both hands!
You're forever picking at me!
A teacher should be strict and short-
tempered. Then he can teach.
But I feel tempted to grab your hand
and show you how to hold the reins.
You're keeping something back.
Out with it!
- You won't understand.
- I'm clever.
The horse and the woman aren't
compatible in the same space and time.
I'll never marry!
Do you think I will?
I've devoted myself to the circus
and I use men
as a mean to my ends.
A woman should be in the stands.
I took you for a grownup man.
And no merry-go-round.
Go away!
You are all philosophers here.
And what I need is just a partner.
Horses make us philosophers.
Nikolayevwill ride the favorite
instead of you.
I'll talk him into it.
He's more experienced and reliable.
You may take comfort in the fact
that the Prize of Federation and
the Prize of Aragva will be yours.
Are you happy?
If an eagle always
eats its fill,
it will cease to have fun,
with life losing its meaning to it.
What is the meaning of


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