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together with the reins,
a jockey determines the race pace
visually every second.
Frankly, it's a mess in here.
I wonder how you can live
and work here.
This even results in pimples.
I want to go. I really do.
Then go.
All right, I'll go.
It's odd...
What is it...
Well, yes...
There's nothing like
a dancing girl,
a sailing frigate,
and a galloping horse.
Volodya, ask me!
Hi, Garnet!
What do we call it -
We call it the sense of pace.
Oleg, buy the jacket.
When I wear
dust-repellent glasses,
I lose my sense of pace.
You can't look sideways
or lose a second by turning around.
But you fuss about,
like a monkey on the fence.
You mean a dog on the fence,
not a monkey.
Ninety percent of riding pros
have no sense of pace.
But Oleg has it.
You put him on a goat
and he'll finish first.
Oleg, get the jacket
and a T-shirt as a bonus.
- He's an amateur rider.
- A rising star?
An accomplished star.
He's worthy of your attention.
I recommend you to handle him.
Am I interfering?
No, not at all.
A beauty cannot interfere.
Especially a reticent one.
A beauty adorns
and enlivens
any interior or landscape.
It's a mess in here, boys.
Are you a sanitation inspector
or something?
I'm a medical nurse.
You've got huge black roaches
in your hospital.
Well, I've got to be going.
I'm saying goodbye.
No handshakes,
you may soil your hand.
I'll go all the same!
Take care!
I'm going.
- Who told you to stake?
- You did!
It's so filthy in here.
You think I didn't look?
You should've looked better.
When you're staking, correct it
in the process.
It's real filthy here.
You're in the way.
If you go, go.
Let's say goodbye.
Goodbye, goodbye.
See you.
But I'll go, all the same.
They don't say goodbye.
How odd.
I want to go and I'll go.
See the way he looks at you!
At me?
Go, go!
Too many people.
Lots, lots of people!
Musket is okay,
but I can't find him a rider.
Their hearts are so shy,
shivering till the finish.
How about you?
I'm here just to see Garnet.
I never mount others' horses.
Anyway, is Musket any good?
I'm out of it until fall.
Then I'll go to Czechia.
I swear you'll be alone.
Eat hay, Grisha.
- I've recognized you.
- Hello!
But you, I could hardly recognize you.
Why are you hiding your girl
from us?
I thought Narsik is only
interested in horses.
Not horses alone.
My name is Violetta.
Volodya, why don't you take
Violetta's photo.
Ah, such a dazzling contrast
of fluffy, snow-white hair
and dark eye lashes!
And perfect harmony
of all features!
Alas, I've run out of film.
No film anymore.
Where are you going?
Nikolayev, look at Musket!
A regular flame!
Should the violet girl desire to...
Thanks, but...
The public, as you can see,
is no longer interested in me.
But I do desire!
All right, sign me in.
Be quick and tell the jury
to enter a replacement.
- Do you like it?
- I like everything.
Why did you crop your flocks?
Don't allow being pushed around.
And, Oleg, do me a favor:
don't drop the whip.
You'd better buy a new one.
New or old -
be sure not to drop it.
Musket can outrun all by ten
lengths - with a stick.
He takes after his father -
goes only with a stick.
All right, that's all fiction.
I trust Musket as much as I do
Altai, or Harold.
He was invited for the Europe
Prize Race.
I agreed, he's been entered.
Please don't ruin the career
of this top-class horse.
If he loses, his uniqueness
won't be proven.
Remember what happened to Aniline?
You know it all.
Bairamov is a roguish rider.
He may cheat at the start.
Stay away from him.
Pretend you have no desire to win.
Even if you win the start,
don't take the border at first.
They can push off.
They are tough guys.
Nars, what are doing here?
Jump onto Glyba,
dash off and take the lead.
Enter Glyba and Narkisov.
Glyba is a fast mare.
Oleg, keep Musket
slightly behind Glyba.
You let Persten, Odolen
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