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Your grandfather's name? Huh?
- Pyotr!
- Pyotr! Well done!
And your great-grandfather?! You know,
your grandfather's father? Come on!
You remember? Think hard!
- Think!
- Gombo!
He can't remember!
He forgot - shit!
And you?
What, what?
Do you remember the name
of your great-grandfather?
Asshole philosopher!
Just a moment...
Excuse me, excuse me...
Excuse me... One minute!
Stop! Stop!
Just a minute! One minute!
Guys, a waltz? Waltz!
A waltz, you know?
Here... for all of you...
all of you! A waltz!
One minute! Just one!
They don't know...
Oh, geez...
Good! Wait! A minute!
Here we go... Here!
Here! The music! Notes!
"The Hills of Manchuria".
The notes!
I was young! And stupid!
In the army! Young lad! In the army!
Go, play! Give it a go, come on, guys!
"...Hills are covered by darkness.
Suddenly, the moon shines
through the clouds,
illumines the peaceful tombs.
These pale crosses in the night
watch over the sleep of the heroes.
The shades of the past
wander endlessly,
and speak to us again and again
of the victims of the war.
All is quiet around.
The wind has driven the mist away.
On the hills of Manchuria,
The warriors are sleeping,
and they do not hear Russian tears.
The poor mother weeps and weeps.
The young wife is crying too.
We all are crying,
as one man,
cursing fate.
May the grass of the steppes
inspire you with dreams.
Sleep, heroes of the Russian land,
sons of your Fatherland.
Fallen for Russia,
You died for the Fatherland.
Know that we will avenge you,
and will honour your memory.
The poor mother cries and cries..."
But what's the matter, guys?
I was singing a song...
... a beautiful song!
About soldiers...
They all died here 100 years ago!
They died for you,
My grandfather also was here!
He was wounded!
They don't know the words!
And I have the music!
Come on, don't hang about!
What are you doing?
Where are we going?
Van Biao!
Van Biao!
Come with me!
Something's happened!
- I can't!  -Why?
- You see, I'm playing!
Comrade Lee,
please take over from me.
Go ahead.
- Let's go!
- What's happened?
Come on, hurry up!
My friend has been arrested!
You should have said that straight away!
They just took him away!
Go ahead, I'll join you,
I have my bicycle.
Leave your bicycle, I have horses!
Me? On a horse? In a dinner jacket?
You still know how to ride?
I'll try!
- What did he do, maybe he killed somebody?
- No, he just drank too much!
Let's go! To gallop!
Gombo! Quickly, find
a ricksha! Over there!
Hey, here!
May I get in, comrade?
Quickly! Turn around!
You do not have the right!
I am a foreigner!
Let's go, let's go!
Don't disturb people!
Gombo... take him!
Thank you very much!
Excuse us, he just drank a bit more
than he needed.
I'll take the horses.
- Here is my address, get them there.
- OK.
- You're a good sort! You're so good...
- Yes, yes... Oh, stop that, sit calmly!
So nice fellow... A good sort!
Gombo! Where are you? Where did he go?
Are you crazy, or what? You've already
got three! And you want the forth one?
So what? Genghis Khan
was the fourth child in his family.
You're still waiting for a
new Genghis Khan?
I was the seventh in my family.
So what? The times and the laws
have changed.
Now the Chinese
can have only one child.
And you being Mongolian can have three
children, meanwhile I can only have one!
It's not my fault. The thing is...
Pagma cannot use contraceptives,
the doctor forbids it.
And condoms?
Pagma says the same thing,
that is why I came here.
You bought them?
No, I must go and ask the Lama.
You're gonna ride miles away to see him
to ask how to use condoms!
Pagma says I'm a savage.
She says I have to watch TV.
And do you use those... condoms?
Of course, all the time!
What's it like?
Have you ever had a bath wearing boots?
I have to go and see the Lama.
Take your hat off. Where are you from?

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