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Come here!
Come, come!
Here! Good, that's it!
That's it! Come here!
Here, good. Good.
Hello! Hey, my friend,
over there - there's a corpse...
Well, a dead person. There!
Over there! Look, there...
By the side, it's all...
shredded... Shit!
All shredded!
Ah, yes!
That's my relative Toumour-akha.
The birds peck him well...
he must have become a God now.
An uncle, eh?
Your, your...
Then why the heck is he...?
Geez, nice customs...
And you see what a mess I got
myself into because of your uncle!
This is what he did,
your Teimour-akha!
I was just, you know, driving along,
feeling fine, quite calmly,
and started to doze off, you know...
I said to myself, only 100 meters.
I went like that, you know,
a little gymnastics, and then...
Damn! It was terrible!
I put my foot down. Shit, what a fright!
Instead of reversing,
God, I'm going forwards!
And you see the result!
You understand?
Look, do you have a telephone here?
You know... "hello, hello"?
Yeah, where would you call here?
Right then, what shall we do?
You saw it, eh?
That's it!
Well, it's too late to do anything today.
We'll sort it out tomorrow...
Get on, let's go.
Me?... With you?...
Great, fella!
Wait - I'll just look for my hat, oke?
Don't run off! I'm coming - right now!
Just gonna get my hat...
His own uncle's being eaten
by the birds,
and he, he's quite happy.
Geez, where did I get to...
I'm Sergei...
Sergei! And you?
Damn, Gombo! Without you,
I'd have had it... Geez, yeah!
My colleague is sick,
I'm driving alone, fell asleep, you know...
Us, we're building a road,
from the border...
Kil Na Dzam, as you say.
You understand...
We're working under contract.
Me, I'm from the region of Irkutsk,
you know, near Baikal, Lake Baikal.
You understand Russian?
Don't understand.
Me, it's the same with Mongolian,
I manage enough of it to get food,
at the market, you know... That's all.
- Here, take one.
- Thank you, thank you.
Bourma, come here, help me!
Come on, pour some!
Eh, what? Pour!
Ah!... That...
It's the army!
I was in the brass band.
When I was a soldier. A soldier.
I was young and stupid! Come on.
Go, go ahead, keep pouring!
Hey, Bourma!.. Come and see!
Come and see what's written on the Russian's
back, the same hooks as in your copy-book!
Dad, I'll catch it!
I'll catch it, too!
I'm coming!
Catch it! It got away from me!
Go round the other side!
Where's the urga?
Pagma, quickly!
- We'll collect blood in it.
- Pour me some water.
Hey, pour some water for me.
I'll close his eyes.
That's it.
Hold it here.
Bourma, bring me that!
Come and hold that.
Take off your gloves first.
Put them in your bossom.
Hold them together.
Take them to the yurt.
Hold them tight. No, carefully,
blood shouldn't spill out...
We should take off the hairs...
See, loads of them here...
Come on, take off all the hairs.
Hold that.
Bouin, hold it up higher.
Mom! Hold it!
Come to eat, quickly! It's all ready!
Eh, Sergei!
Come and eat!
Thank you! Thank you...
Eat, just go ahead!
Don't feel bad because of me!
I have my own...
Don't touch, till everybody's at the table.
Please eat! Well, eat!
Is it me you're waiting for?
Sit down here...
Thank you.
Thank you.
Give him that.
With your hands!
Thank you! It's good.
Bouin, here, some meat.
Thank you!
Let's... um...
What do you want?
Meat without fat?
To your house!
I mean... yurt. To your yurt!
Go, Gombo!
Hup! Russian style! Bottoms up!
To your yurt!
It burns!
Good God!
Help yourselves!
Very good.
Serve it.
Thank you!
Here's a tender piece.
Let's clink glasses!
It's a Russian custom...
Russian. Russian.
Broken-pea puree!
Hey, pass some to him.
Yes, Samota.
Not much for me.
With the baguet.
There's this... there...
Damn! Couldn't it go
somewhere else, this shitty fly!
A fly,

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