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Украинская рапсодия

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leave them in the room.
Number nine.
The years have past.
But Solveig still waits for Pergunt.
And here he appears to her in a dream.
And happiness seems to have returned.
Pergunt will never leave.
But it's only a dream.
Do you understand?
Thank you, nurse.
I can see.
Nadejda Petrovna!
My dear Nadejda Petrovna.
What is it?
We can try.
This parachute is for you
Turn it into a beautiful evening gown,
with sleeves like this.
It will soon be spring.
The Allies have arrived
The Allied army is here.
Mary, mother of God.
Finally, comrades.
At last.
They're Russian.
Follow me please.
You'll see Major Jackson.
be seated please.
A cigarette?
Anton Pitrienko.
Soviet soldier.
He escaped.
I've been hiding him.
You, ran away?
Yes, I'm a organist.
I see.
You Russians you'll
have to be detained.
Just a formality.
Excuse me gentlemen.
I have certain business to attend to.
You must stay here.
It's only a formality.
After you.
It's only a formality.
Only a formality...
It lasted so long,
I stopped counting.
Memories of the first spring
after the war.
After days of anguished waiting,
days of hope
and unexpected meetings.
It's alright Mother.
Once more
What's your name?
D'you like singing?
I love it
what are you going to do?
Stay here for a while.
I've come to understand
a lot of things.
A new life lies ahead.
There's building work to do here.
Over there was the windmill,
we'll have a new school
You're laughing...
Don't you believe me?
I do.
The village...
Our desks...
I must leave.
More than ever, I want to sing.
and wait.
I believe.
Thank you Vadim.
That's it. All over.
but I can only give you a "Good".
Here, take this.
- Thank you.
- Well done, Oksana.
Thank you.
The tracks, the roads...
Even the streams
that flow into a great river
and sink further on
into the earth.
I'm returning to my native land.
I can't bring myself to believe
that that which is on the path...
My darling.
And the Dniepr
We come to pay hommage to you
The Dniepr
Yesterday, all was darkness
on your blessed banks.
Today, the sun makes your waters sparkle.
Your mighty waves resound,
with such joyous music.
Subtitles: corvusalbus (25 fps)
Украинская рапсодия

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