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Украинская рапсодия

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And here's our colleague,
a student at the Conservatoire:
Vadim Tchaika.
It was when we said goodbye,
that I understood how much
we loved one another.
Thank you
May I ... ?
Please. Come in.
Pleased to meet you
Well, now you're
at the Conservatoire.
- Welcome
- Thank you
Fine, Oksana
- Shall we get to work?
- Yes, now that I'm here ...
Most important of all, breathing
You see?
Let's try.
Right ...
The genius of a composer, Beethoven
expresses in his symphony,
the spirit of liberty of mankind...
That's enough,
it's 4 in the morning.
The holidays are approaching.
We will see one another soon, Anton
I was one of those who defended Kiev.
I couldn't find Oksana
at the Conservatoire
And the Conservatoire had
disappeaped also.
We'll soon be at Sibirsk.
One hour to go.
Are you going there?
One hour?
Look what I've found.
Here, take it
Do it for us.
Ask for a photo.
OK, I'll ask
Forward march
Vadim! How are you?
You're looking well
What is it, Anton?
Where have you come from?
I'm passing through
By chance,
I heard about you
Are you staying long?
I wanted to see you
You and Oksana
Thanks, Anton
But Oksana isn't here.
Not here?
She left.
With the company.
It's good to have seen you.
I'll come with you
When she returns,
give her this...
Write us, Anton
Are you alright?
It's nothing
Nothing at all...
Have you eaten anything today?
I can't, don't you understand?
What's wrong?
When one thinks...
All Ukraine's on fire.
And us here, singing away.
It so pointless.
When you think of victory
your exercises are important.
But I can't any more.
I just can't.
The Conservatoire,
had become my home,
my family and a hope for the future.
How sad I felt.
How difficult to leave there.
But I had no choice.
I wanted to join the army.
This is where fate led me.
Don't just stand there,
give us a hand.
Like this. Be careful.
Oksana, he sings so beautifully.
- Come and see.
- I don't want to.
- Just for a moment. I'll stay here.
- No
- Oksana
- Hello
Excuse me.
It the rules.
What do you want?
The same as always.
You can't.
- Have you heard them?
- No, not yet.
That won't do.
Sit down
You'll make yourself ill.
You must be strong.
You're a nurse!
Lie down.
- Sleep for a bit
- Nurse!
I'm writing from the front.
I'm well despite everything,
because I'm thinking of you.
Imagine a theatre in ruins.
The worn-out features of the soldiers.
The scenery has survived.
Everything is floating
on Beethoven's majestic music.
He also was German.
I don't often listen to Beethoven.
If he had only written
the Clair de Lune Sonata
war would give way to it.
I listen to it
And in my imagination
I'm back in our village
under the full moon.
Why aren't you listening to me?
I'm listening
Go on.
I can remember it all.
The Conservatoire.
Oksana Marchenko.
Anton was here.
I wasn't able to tell you
- He asked me to give you this...
- Read it.
"We know
that you will be an actress.
Perhaps you will find yourself
on the stage.
Then don't forget
the price that one has payed..."
Vadim, how can you?
How can you?
Oksana, try to understand.
Go on.
Do you hear?
The battles
The onslaughts
That's not the worst of war.
I've experienced worse than death
Be careful.
One at a time.
What is it?
What's the matter?
We said that
that a true artist
is first of all a human being.
I wasn't able to understand.
I'm leaving for the front.
As a soldier?
You are well again now.
You can leave.
I've some apples, and cakes.
Can I?
Thank you
Lena, a gown.
- Who for?
- Andriev Igor
- Which room?
- Nine.
Mother couldn't come yesterday evening.
Would you like to talk to the doctor?
I must let mother know.
Excuse me.
You've forgotten these.
Украинская рапсодия Украинская рапсодия

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