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the Group
was trying to prevent.
- You mean, control.
- No, no.
I mean, attempting to preserve human values
that are worth preserving.
- We're shepherds, Frank, all of us.
- What did you say?
Choosing the future.
It's already happened, Frank.
The breakthrough came
about a year after you captured Ed Cuffle.
And it wasn't cloning or genetic engineering
or anything you might expect,
Millennium Group scientists found a way
to transport certain large molecules
through the blood-brain barrier,
Nerve growth factors,
We can now effectively turn on
what evolution has turned off,
continuing in an adult brain the physiological
process of learning and development
that goes on in an infant brain,
30,000 neural connections
forming every second of every day.
And not just during the first three years
of life, but anytime we choose.
The greatest change in 400,000 years
is available to us as a species.
It's a realisation of the old alchemical dream.
It was never about
the transformation of lead into gold,
but about the transformation of mankind.
We can transcend ourselves.
Is that what you call
making another Ed Cuffle?
That's what you say.
No, a killer in my house,
videotaping my daughter.
Tell me. Where do I find him?
This is all I was able to get before they locked
me out. It's a list of Lucas Barr's aliases.
Have somebody you trust check 'em out.
They're gonna be watching you.
Why should I trust you?
Because I've been protecting you, from them.
There's a packet that describes the
Millennium Group's plans as they affect you.
- Give them to me.
- No.
If the protection I've provided
begins to break down, I'll send it to you,
as a warning... that none of us are safe.
Let me know what you find out.
I'm an alias enthusiast
for someone new to the biz.
If one of these is Lucas Barr,
I'll track him down.
Where'd you get this list from?
Right, I hear you.
Thanks, Doug.
Mr B... I'm really sorry about
finding that tape of your house.
That's all right.
I sit here wondering,
"How does anyone get from here to... here?"
Forget about these names.
That's the one he'll be using.
Sorry. I didn't hear you.
I could hear you.
- Are you done?
- Huh?
- With the shelves?
- Oh, yeah. Just about.
- I got spaghetti.
- Oh.
- I'll cook.
- No, you finish what you're doing.
- It's kinda stuffy in here.
- Maybe I'll open a window.
This killer... Do you think he was created?
I don't even know what that means.
Frank insists
he couldn't have planted the bomb.
Explosives says he had the training.
Frank says Baldwin was murdered
on the way to the hospital.
The pathologist says no.
He's all over the Millennium Group
without naming anyone.
Now there's this Jordan tape.
Are you all right?
I saw him at the gun range.
With a huge stack of targets.
He said he'd contacted Peter Watts.
I'm not sure "contacted" is the right word.
Police got a call from a neighbour
on a domestic disturbance.
When the police arrived,
Watts covered for Frank.
You should have told me
about this right away.
I didn't want to.
Bureau rules leave you no choice
but to get Frank out.
- They got to you.
- Are you listening outside my door now?
- What did they promise you?
- Hey, hey, hey.
Your father. Is that it?
- Did they say they'd fix him?
- Leave him out of it.
- Frank, calm down.
- The reason I came back to the Bureau
was to get to the Group. You have been
fighting me every inch of the way.
- You are done here.
- I'm done... wasting my time.
Is anybody here?
Daddy. Are you all right?
You shouldn't have done it, Emma.
You shouldn't have done what
they asked.
I didn't lose my job.
I mean, I know where it is.
- Don't you always say I should work less?
- Not like this.
- We'll talk about it when I pick you up.
- Bye.
Ow! What is that?
For when we have to go.
I want Mommy with us.
I gotta go. I'm late.
Wait a minute. What do
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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