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their fingers on the button.
And now, no enemies, no wars.
No need for them,
But the men you knew
can't accept that.
Can't stop.
I see what they do in secret.
- What are they doing?
- They want the world to end.
You see?
No, I don't see.
I don't see anything at all.
Now... see.
I'm so happy right now.
Go, Frank.
- Wings.
- Yeah.
Frank asked to do it alone.
- We were on this together.
- I think he's right. Read his report.
His report?
My confession.
Conspiracy to bring down an airliner. You're
facing the death penalty. You know that?
I already was. We all were.
This thing we did.
To save the child.
Not for ourselves. For the future.
I'm sorry...
what the Millennium Group
did to your wife.
They won't let you go.
I'm not gonna let them win.
- What can I get you?
- A gift for my seven-year-old daughter.
I've gotjust the thing.
- How about that?
- No. I'll have one of these.
OK. Five dollars.
Where are they? I read the confession.
And I read your report.
Grillflame, the child, the elderly woman,
the Millennium Group.
No mention of any of them.
- It's a lie.
- That's why I didn't want your name on it.
Why are you doing this?
We were down there together.
They were shooting at me.
Why are you not telling me the truth?
A thousand years ago,
everyone thought the end was near.
And yet a few years after
the first millennium,
the world was covered
with a robe of white churches.
- So I guess everyone was wrong.
- No, maybe the end was near.
But it didn't happen.
Maybe someone saw a different future.
That's no answer.
What's that even mean?
We can see the future
in tantalising glimpses
that vanish as quickly as they appear,
A premonition,
not what the future is, but that it is,
waiting for us,
A reassuring thought,
This sight's a burden for some,
A duty,
The clear view of something
happening in this country...
that could never happen in this country,
Of forces we believe could not
gather here,
We sense the chaos,
We worry,
We wait,
Who's gonna see a different future?
I made this!Ready? Hit it!
One, two, three, four! Who are the Warriors?
We are the Warriors!
What kind of Warriors?
The Redland Warriors!
Stand up and yell, Warriors!
Stand up and yell, Warriors!
Tell them yourselves, Warriors!
Red, white, blue, fight!
Yeah! Love that Warrior pride!
As you all know, we're having this pep rally
today notjust to show our school spirit,
but to celebrate our victory
at the State Academic Championships!
And also to accept
the most generous gift I can imagine
from ComLogic Computers,
a system for our school
worth over two million dollars.
At the turning of the last millennium
1,000 years ago,
it was foretold the world
would be consumed by fire and misery,
The unbelievers slept untroubled,
But the fateful toiled against the inevitable
weighed by a terrible burden -
deciding who would be spared,
and who would be left behind,
Come on, let's set up.
This way.
This way.
Why are these bodies being moved?
We were asked to make our reports
and get them out.
This way.
Hollis. See if you can get somebody to
tell you what was documented on the victims.
Let's go home, buddy.
Let's just get in the car and go home.
What's the chief want to call it?
What do you call it?
Is it a massacre? A shooting spree?
What did they call it down in Oregon? Or
that school down South? That I can even ask.
- Who's Geibelhouse?
- That'd be me.
Baldwin. Special Agent,
Critical Incident Response Group.
As you can see,
we're pretty far down the road here.
- I can see.
- Yeah.
- You familiar with crime scene procedure?
- Familiar with it?
- With preservation of evidence.
- It's not a question.
Yeah. What is it you wanna know?
Just what's been missed.
We've got three dead. They're taped in black.
There were nine wounded, taped in white.
I sent the wounded to the hospital
rather than waste more
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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