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who can.
We used to go after weird loners
doing ungodly things in residence hotels.
It wasn't very pretty,
but at least I understood it.
Now it's what?
The Millennium Group?
I mean, that's Frank's assertion.
Maybe yours.
Ex-Bureau guys with families.
I mean...
I must have done 75 cases with Peter Watts
and I literally just can't see it.
How the enemy ended up being us.
So far there isn't much proof.
Well, it's time to find out,
one way or another.
All right, we've got a lot to cover.
There will be a memorial service
for all three agents on Friday.
OK... A call to our 800 number
has been traced
to what is presumed to be two more victims
at a single family residence in Bethesda.
Field agents are on the scene,
so I'd like to adjourn this.
Frank, if you can
make yourself available, please?
Excuse me. What does that mean,
"presumed to be two more victims"?
The bodies are missing.
Correct. Crime scene details
are consistent with the previous sites,
but no bodies have been found.
OK, people. You have your assignments.
Report to me as soon as you have anything.
Now, remember. This one's important.
- Take it easy, Mr Hollis.
- Hold him down.
Daddy. Daddy!
What are you doing?
What are you doing to him?
You did this, you little bitch.
I'll kill you, I swear.
Normally, progression
to late-stage Alzheimer's
is accompanied by a decrease
in motor activity.
In a sense, it's a merciful disease.
As patients grow more hostile, they grow
less capable of acting on their aggression.
At least, that's usually the case.
What we're seeing here is
a rapid deterioration of mental function
without a corresponding reduction
in physical strength.
I don't know. I've never seen it before.
Maybe he'd be better off at home with me.
He came after you with a gun.
That's why you brought him here.
Excuse me.
- You think I don't see what you're doing?
- I hope you do see.
You can cure him
because you made him sick in the first place.
- No...
- Stay away from him.
And stay away from me!
I understand your being suspicious, but you
see the Millennium Group behind every tree.
- You blame the Group for every difficulty...
- Don't even go there.
I show up for work this morning and out of
the blue I am set to inherit McClaren's job
because someone killed Barry Baldwin.
- Lucas Barr did.
- Yeah. Did he?
You want me in a position
to get Frank out of the FBI.
You're way off base.
Explain the page I gotjust before the bomb
went off. It saved me from the explosion.
All I know about Baldwin
is what I saw on TV.
As regards your father, there are hundreds of
thousands of people who share his condition.
The difference is,
he has a cure available.
Our offer still stands.
It's up to you.
Forensics has cross-matched
blood samples from the couch.
Looks like it's Jeff and Lily Chambers,
all right.
Any ideas what he did with the bodies?
What about those numbers?
The stations of the Cross. You find any?
- Nothing.
- My team, neither. We looked pretty good.
It's right here, all of it, in this room.
Sickjoke, huh?
Lining them up like they're watching TV.
Turn that television on.
There's the number - 14.
The final station of the Cross.
So, does that mean he's done?
We got a call into our 800 number
a few minutes after 11.
He was sitting here at that moment.
He caught it on the news.
He heard about the deaths of the agents.
- It must have thrilled him.
- I think he was horrified.
That's why he picked up the phone
and called us, changing his pattern.
He didn't want Baldwin dead.
You're saying somebody did?
Baldwin was in good shape considering,
when they loaded him into that ambulance.
- They murdered him.
- Wait...
Who did?
- The people that planted the bomb.
- "People"?
- That's right.
- Multiple?
This killer's MO doesn't fit with an explosion.
He was caught off guard like the rest of us.
Someone wanted Baldwin dead.
Agent McGreevey,
could you give us a


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