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- This is great work, Barry.
Yeah, well...
- We do what we can.
- Yeah.
Over here.
It's him. Lucas Francis Barr.
Educated St Ignatius.
Columbia Heights.
245 Coeur d'Alene Drive,
apartment 63.
- Got a Sears card sent there last fall.
- Let's go!
Target's name is Lucas Barr.
Apartment 63 on the sixth floor.
He's five-ten, 180Ibs,
27 years old, armed and dangerous.
I will lead green section.
We'll take the centre staircase.
On the second floor,
blue team go up the back staircase.
Hollis, you go with blue.
White and red in reserve. Any questions?
OK, the time is now 9.54.
Positions in five.
- We move on my word. Let's go.
- Are you sure he's in there?
No. It's an old building.
The walls are too thick for a heat signature.
I think you should put this off till morning.
Absolutely not.
We've got him. We're going in.
You ready?
Blue, where are you?
- It's empty. The bird has flown.
- Roger, Copy that,
- Baldwin, get outta there!
- What?
Get out now!
- Are you hurt?
- Barry was inside. Barry was in there. Barry...
Come on. Come on.
Get the fire truck hose.
Get it up here, fast!
- What?
- You knew.
I made this!It's a damn nightmare.
Two casualties.
But it looks like Baldwin
is gonna make it.
- What's that?
- St Ignatius's high school yearbook.
Glee club, track.
He read books to the blind.
"We are all shepherds. "
Some more than others.
He's videotaping his victims.
He put 'em over these movie titles.
- I'll have someone look at 'em.
- Someone you trust.
What's that supposed to mean?
The explosion targeted personnel,
leaving all this evidence intact.
This guy didn't plant it.
Agent Baldwin, can you tell me
what you were doing when this happened?
Can you tell me what city we're in?
Do you know today's date? The year?
Mental status exam - person, place, time.
My head's fine.
There you go.
You've got a major piece of shrapnel
in your chest.
It's close to your heart,
but there's not a lot of blood.
Looks like it missed all the major organs.
You got lucky.
Can you feel that?
Yeah. That's gotta hurt.
Call the hospital. He's bleeding out.
This is Rescue 62. Condition of male
burn victim has escalated. Is now a bleed-out.
We just learned that the explosion
has claimed the life of another FBI agent-
Barry Baldwin, a ten-year veteran of
the elite Critical Incident Response Group -
boosting fatalities
in this apartment explosion to three,
In the meantime, officials warn us
to be on the lookout for this man,
Lucas Barr, considered to be
armed and extremely dangerous,
If you see him,
call the FBI at this number:
That's 1-800-555-0199.
In other news, newly elected
Israeli prime minister, Ehud Barak,
announced today...
So these home movies,
what do they look like?
He enters the victims' houses
through an open door or window.
He tapes from that point until he kills them.
Sort of a Manson creepy-crawly thing.
It's a lot of tapes, mostly damaged.
It'd go faster if I had help.
I'd prefer it if few people
as possible saw these.
Top-secret, I get it. But you trust me.
- Shouldn't I?
- What I mean is, I'm flattered.
Whoa. Mr B might have something here.
- Are you all right with this?
- Spooky, that's all.
McClaren called a meeting.
I'll be in conference room 3.
So Frank says this killer we're after
didn't plant the bomb.
- What does forensic say?
- Well, the preliminary report is 50 pages long
and it avoids coming up with
any kind of conclusion.
- You gotta love the Bureau.
- Yeah.
I'm... leaving it, Hollis.
Excuse me? What?
I'll have... 30 years here in September.
I'm retiring.
We lost three agents.
It's normal to feel responsible.
It's been in the works for a long time.
Baldwin knew.
He was... set to take my place.
Now I have to replace him.
- McGreevey's got a good track record.
- But I am going to put your name in.
No, sir... I can't.
I would say that you're
the only one

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