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and again because
there was something I knew I was missing.
It was in that house that it came to me.
All at once.
The street in his head
became a picture in mine.
You just saw it? What he saw?
Enough for me to make my way
back to Robson Avenue.
That's what I do...
when I'm not in the psych ward.
This new guy. Is it the same thing?
Robson Avenue?
He knows everything about Cuffle.
Details of his MO that were never
released to the public, like the rice.
- Not Robson Avenue. He'll find his own path.
- It's likely that these two have had contact.
- I'll check Cuffle's prison correspondence.
- Good.
- They're sending a tape of Cuffle's execution.
- Why is that?
Well, the killer might have been there.
He may have been sitting right behind me.
- Are you on this case now?
- No.
I wanted to talk to you.
Next time, make an appointment.
Your father suffers from
Alzheimer's disease.
None of your business.
That's my personal life.
We wanna help.
Sure. Right.
You know the Group's involved
in biomedical research.
I have checked every website
on the planet, Watts. There's no cure.
Nothing public. Not yet.
But we can help your father.
Think about it.
Remember, it's just between us.
I got something I wanna show you.
You OK?
- Justjump it forward, Doug.
- Say when.
OK, slow it down. Down, down...
There. That's him.
I thought he was saying "yes" to me.
Now look in the reflection.
That's our guy.
- Could be anybody.
- Can you enhance it?
There's only so much information
in the image. I can clarify it.
That's him.
Wow! What a big house.
You know what they say...
Tommy! Be careful!
Get out of my house!
Get the hell outta here!
- Where'd he go?
- He's gone.
- That guy was weird.
- Yeah. We should call the police.
Detective Krebbs.
- Thanks for coming out.
- How did he get in?
The front door was unlocked.
Excuse the mess, but they said,
"Leave everything. "
- Where was he?
- Uh, he was right around here.
And, uh, we were... well, you know... busy.
Not exactly attentive to our surroundings.
And he was right here.
Holding a bag of something.
- Small? Large?
- Uh...
Like so. Heavy.
Felt like tools or something
when he hit me.
And he had these weird things
over his eyes.
Yeah, like, uh...
goggles or something.
Is it possible he was videotaping?
- I certainly hope not.
- You hope not?
This is such a nightmare.
Did you move something?
I told you.
I didn't know he was a killer, OK?
A mirror. We moved a mirror.
Could you move it back
where it was, please?
On the bureau.
Was any of that moved?
I'm not sure. Like I say,
we weren't overly attentive.
So, who is this guy?
He won't be back.
Excuse us.
Frank. What is it?
Take statements. Every detail.
Anything they can remember.
I'm going back to the Drydens'.
I think there's something we missed.
- But what do I tell them?
- Well, tell them they were very lucky.
Don't move.
Agent Baldwin.
Mr Black. I'm sorry...
- So sorry about that.
- What are you doing here in the dark?
Well, you know, I was just, uh... you know,
trying to get inside the guy's... head.
- Forget about it.
- Oh.
A cross.
What's the matter?
Do you see something?
Two I's.
- He do that?
- I think so.
What's it mean?
- Two I's again.
- No, X-I-I.
- What's the X mean?
- It's numbers, not letters.
Roman numerals.
Mr Black, there's nothing up there.
What is it?
L- X.
Christ falls for the third time.
L- I. Two. Jesus receives his cross.
X- I-I. 12. Blood flows...
as Christ's side is pierced by a spear.
So our killer sees himself as Christ?
No, he sees himself as suffering like Christ.
Each step is agony.
That's his path.
The 14 stations of the Cross.
- Oh, no.
- I know. It sounds like a fabrication.
No, it's not that.
Yesterday, a Father Murray reported
some weird guy down at St Matthew's,
doing the stations of the Cross.
I didn't think it sounded germane,
so I'
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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