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Do you have any last words?
I do.
Use sunscreen.
The execution shall now proceed.
- Hey. Welcome back.
- Hi.
How was it? Florida.
It was...
- It was.
- Had you been to an execution before?
- What was it like?
- It was barbaric.
It was what he wanted.
It's over now. He's gone from your life.
How are you doing? How's your dad?
- He's doing fine. He's fine.
- Good.
Did I teach you how to knock?
Did you wanna watch the TV?
You're testing me.
You think I can't remember.
File 8649403/DOD/D3. File 87...
Daddy. Daddy, please.
I don't care about any files.
Why are you keeping me here?
- I just want you to be well.
- Well, I'm not well!
That's why they took
my daughter away from me.
- Daddy, I'm here. I'll always be here.
- Who... who sent you here?
Here is where we live.
I'm gonna go make some dinner.
That would be nice, sweetheart.
Mrs Dryden!
Mrs Dryden?
There you are.
Do you want me to...?
All units, 1-Robert-2-8,
code six on battery,
- Can I borrow a glove from you?
- Sure.
John and Cyndie Dryden. The cleaner found
them here, tied to the chairs with barbed wire.
- Wire?
- Yeah.
They were killed by a bullet to the head,
small bore, probably a... 22.
No exit wound. They probably bled
to death. Must have taken an hour.
Their mouths were stuffed with rice.
- Have you been upstairs?
- Yes. Nothing. Bed hadn't been slept in.
I think the killer
surprised them during dinner.
Then did the dishes.
Can you clear the scene?
I'd like everybody outta here.
- Mr Black, this is my crime scene.
- Barry, please.
Just, uh... do what he says.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, OK.
- All right, can we just get...?
- 15.
15 minutes, please. Everybody out.
The killer preselected the couple.
The front door was unlocked.
He came in after they went to bed.
He arranged things downstairs the way
he wanted them. He reset the kitchen table.
Then he went upstairs
and watched them have sex.
- But the beds were made.
- By him.
He tied Mrs Dryden to the bed.
He made her husband get dressed,
took him downstairs, forced him to eat.
Then returned upstairs
and made her do the same.
And then he killed them both.
But not with a gunshot.
The holes in their skull
- were made with a drill.
- How can you know?
Examine the sheets, the bed, the stomach
contents. You'll find your evidence.
How do you know all this?
The killer is Ed Cuffle.
He died in the electric chair
three days ago.
It's him.
I like rice,
I thought they'd like it too,
- It's a humble food,
- Yeah,
It's humbling food,
That's why I fed it to them,
- Is that what you wanted to hear?
- I'm just asking,
I mean, rich people,
I really hate 'em,
Some slut in a German car, Fake lalas,
Big diamond ring on her finger,
I mean, who wouldn't wanna
hack it off and stuff it in her mouth?
- Robson Avenue, Tell me about it,
- Hm?
Come on! Why don't you stop lying?
Are you done?
Are you done?
That's the guy who gave Frank Black
a one-way ticket to the psych ward.
It wasn't one-way.
Robson Avenue. What is it?
A street in a wealthy part of Madison
where he grew up.
- So Cuffle did have a thing for rich people?
- Yeah, just not the way he said.
His mother was a cleaning woman.
Had half a dozen houses on Robson Avenue.
She used to take him to work with her.
So? My mother sold Avon.
She took me to work sometimes.
His mother turned tricks
with the men who owned the houses.
They'd come home for lunch,
she'd take 'em upstairs,
leaving Ed downstairs
where he could listen, imagine,
and eat rice for lunch.
Robson Avenue became
etched in his mind.
Every inch of it a reminder
of the humiliation and pain he endured.
It's what he saw when he chose
his victims and killed them.
- A street from his childhood.
- He told you all that?
On the tape you say it's how
you found him.
It was his second crime scene.
Very... brutal.
I'd gone back again
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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