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pretty bad fishin' her out
of the reservoir the next day.
Did you have sex with her that night?
No. The way I remember, she was foolin'
around with pretty well everyone but me.
What about Gerry Neilson, the ranger?
What about him?
I don't even remember if he was there.
So she drowned more than two miles
upstream from where her car was found.
Right. It's...
in my report.
No, Wayne.
It's not.
- Says right here.
- It says it was found at mile marker 27.1.
Which means nothing.
Does to anyone from around here.
Doesn't it, Tom?
It does.
Look, we've fished bodies out before.
- Seems self-evident.
- How?
You tell me how an inebriated woman
abandoning her car
and staggering two miles upstream
is self-evident.
You never know what a drunk will do.
I knew this was gonna happen.
Yesterday you tell me I'm free to go,
today you're harassing me again.
We're notjust talking to you, Gerry.
And it's not about the girl with the tattoo.
I wanna ask you about Liddy Hooper.
She died six years ago.
Her body's missing from her grave.
Did you know that?
Why would I know that?
Just news seems
to travel quickly around here.
Is there anything
you can tell us about her?
I didn't know her very well.
I mean, comparatively speaking.
Because you had a number of dates
with her in the months before she died.
Nearly every Saturday.
"Eight o'clock, Gerry Neilson. "
It was eight o'clock in the morning.
They were canoeing lessons. It wasn't a date.
- You did it. Didn't you? You killed all of 'em!
- I didn't kill anybody.
You whack at yourself in that little guard shed
and then you head off... I believed you!
Get out of here now!
- Let's continue.
- See what you've done? My life's ruined here.
And you've no right to hold me.
I won't tell!
Don't you dare let your guilt
ruin my investigation.
Blame it on that sack of crap.
My conscience is clear.
Yeah. That's why you held back
her notebook.
- I gave you her notebook.
- Six years too late.
I never thought she was murdered.
It seemed like an accident.
How hard did you look, huh?
How hard?
No autopsy. No inquiry. You looked
the other way to avoid embarrassment
because Liddy Hooper was a throwaway.
That let Gerry Neilson know, loud and clear:
Because Liddy Hooper was a throwaway.
That let Gerry Neilson know, loud and clear:
"Hey, you wanna kill someone?
Just choose your victims carefully. "
And here we are with zip evidence,
six murders later.
I won't tell! I won't!
Lana, the girl at the bar,
said that you were in here earlier today.
- That's right.
- You asked her about me.
About a lot of people.
And she told you that there's no way
I could do what you're saying, didn't she?
Gerry, you asked to meet me here.
What do you want?
I want to let you know that there is no way
you're gonna push me outta my town.
I want these people to know you found no
evidence in those cars. No bodies, no nothin'!
You just keep turnin' people against me.
That's right.
- I'm the one who told you the truth.
- What happened?
What happened to Liddy Hooper?
You wanna know?
You really wanna know?
All right. Hey! OK!
Now, ain't that beautiful, huh?
I'm bettin' on this.
Well, yeah.
Well, this right here.
That's my bet.
Right, Liddy?
Lot of good that does me.
If I win, my wife's in the next room.
If you win...
does Gerry.
I'd like to see that. I'm in.
Lay off her, huh?
I mean it, Wayne.
Leave her alone.
That's what happened and not one of them
told you that. Not Tom, not Wayne, not Lee.
I told you that. I told you the truth.
- You protected her.
- You ask them.
I believe you.
Did you ever see her again?
I found her later on. She was...
passed out in her car on the side
of the road.
Show me where.
Gerry, you may be
the last person that saw her alive.
Come on. It's important.
- This is where her car was abandoned?
- It wasn't abandoned when I came by.
She was still in it,
leaning on the
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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