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half a dozen murders
dating back over the same number of years.
He's gone undetected until now.
That speaks to the success of his MO.
His attitude right now is cocky. He's certain.
He knows he's covered his tracks well.
So then, what are you lookin' for?
Something that might have
passed as an accident.
He's defensive about his park.
If you listen to the language, he's clear.
"There have been no serious accidents
in my park. Check it out. "
He's talking about somewhere outside
his park. Possibly just near his park.
- Look, we're probably looking...
- Victims' photos arrived from Washington.
Pretty obvious fixation.
This one was first.
Disappeared late summer '93. Another
college-age girl passing through the state.
If she was ground zero,
I wanna know everything about her.
- Maybe she wasn't.
- Well, who, then?
- Her name was Liddy Hooper.
- There was no investigation?
She drowned.
Local girl. She was...
She was 24 when it happened.
To tell you the truth, when I saw them
fish her out, I wasn't that surprised.
The girl was... very liberated,
if you know what I mean.
Druggie. Kind of a nut. She was...
She was pretty lit up
the night before we found her.
No autopsy?
I guess we're not as suspicious here
as people are in some other places.
The manifest says
her notebook should be in here.
If it's not, I don't know where it is.
It's been six years.
I thought you said all the victims were
from outta town, so they wouldn't be missed.
Was Liddy Hooper missed?
So how can you be so sure?
I mean,
that it wasn't an accidental drowning.
The bruises on her feet
are identical to Jan McCall's.
We're gonna need an exhumation order.
Whoa! Shut it down! Shut it down!
What would you call this?
One of my deputies found this sitting
on the common-room table this morning.
Liddy Hooper's notebook.
Gerry Neilson's name is in there.
But so is mine.
I know how that looks,
so I'm telling you upfront.
I don't suppose you'd also tell us
why her body wasn't in that casket?
Far as I know, she was in there when
we buried her. And I don't like the implication.
All of my cards are on the table.
So you had a sexual relationship
with Liddy Hooper?
I wouldn't call it a relationship.
And I wasn't the only one.
Like I said before, she...
she was kind of a nut.
She couldn't get enough,
if you wanna know the truth.
I mean, look at that. She kept a list.
July 4th, 1993. Her last day on earth.
What's Bar None?
It's a roadhouse, just past city limits.
I'm goin' out there. You can help Emma.
Do what?
The names in here. I need to talk to them.
All of them.
- What can I get you?
- Oh, nothing, thanks.
I'd like to ask you about Liddy Hooper.
My name is Frank Black.
- I'm investigating her death.
- Why? She drowned six years ago.
We think she was murdered.
She was here the night she died.
Anything you could remember would help.
Who she was with.
Liddy was never really with anyone.
Well, I guess you could say
she was with everybody.
What's back there?
Private room.
Everyone likes to feel exclusive.
Did Liddy work this room?
Not pro, if that's what you mean.
She was...
I don't really know what she was.
And I don't feel really right
talking about her.
It's just gossip.
It's not like we were friends.
- Who were her friends?
- She had a thing for uniforms.
Cops. Firemen.
What about Gerry Neilson?
The park ranger.
No. I mean, he comes by,
but this isn't exactly his kind of place.
Do you know who she left
with that night?
Six years ago.
I'm sorry, it could have been anyone.
OK, so my name's in that book,
along with everyone else.
Includin' you, Tom.
It was a long time ago.
I'm a married man now.
I just got my one-year chip from AA, OK?
Why are you talking to him?
I'm asking the questions.
You know anything, tell her.
That night, Liddy wanted
some prescription painkillers.
Migraine, she said.
I got her some from the ambulance.
I felt
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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